Add A Bookmark on Site / Diigo Simple Bookmarklet now available

While Diigo toolbar and Diigolet are powerful tools that substantially enhance your browsing / online research experience, here are two more new ways to let you to easily add a bookmark to your diigo account directly on the website:

“Add A Bookmark”:

Go to your “My Bookmarks” section and check the upper right hand corner, copy & paste the URL in the input field, then click “Add” . You will be prompted to edit any tag(s), description, and select the list / group (optional) that you wish to add. Click “Save”, and that’s it.

New “Post to Diigo” simple Bookmarklet:

For those who need to do some rapid bookmarking or a super easy way to get started bookmarking with diigo, then try the new bookmarklet on your “Tools >> Post to Diigo” section. Follow the direction on the page to drag and drop the button to your browser.

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