New Feature – Save Links and Notes Through Email

This feature allows you to email your links and notes directly into your Diigo library. This is especially handy when you are on a mobile app. Emailed links or notes will be saved as private by default.

Go ahead and get started now.

If you are unsure how this feature works, check out the following illustrations by screenshots.

1) Send a link to your personal diigo email address from a mobile App:

Save by email

2) The emailed link is saved in your library:


20 thoughts on “New Feature – Save Links and Notes Through Email

  1. Macxxz

    I could not get it to work. I used the given diigo post email address, but I did not receive the email in my diigo accout.


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  3. Tina Marie

    Great option :-)
    Works fine for me, except that I try to edit to add tags and assign to a group, my modification is not being saved. Any clue ?!

  4. bhaz

    recent update in diigo has removed copy highlight options that was available earlier on a highlighted webpage. It was a very handy tool for instant copying of important points. Now i have to go through a round about procedure of going to library and generating report to copy highlights. please restore “COPY HIGHLIGHT” option

  5. ankru

    this is the best tool added…..simplifies the uploadin process and also taggin can be done upfront!!!!

  6. Lisa Tansey

    Great new feature! Thank you very much! Love diigo!!!
    I was at an atypical computer lacking my diigolet. Found a web page I wanted to save, went to your site to download the plug-in, but knew I’d get the page-was-loaded-before-plug-in-added message. Instead, discovered your new lovely feature and have gotten the pre-loaded pages into my library. Thank You!

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  8. Joe

    Great stuff. I see you can add tags in the subject. Is it possible to add it to a list as well?



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