Diigo Extension for the new Firefox

Our Diigo browser extension for the new Firefox is now updated and live!

You can find it on the offical Firefox addon collection at:


Sorry for the delay, thanks for your support!

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Notice: Diigo ‘Message’ removal

In an effort to focus our resources to our website upgrade, we will be removing the ‘My Messages’ function from Diigo by the end of February. 

The ‘My Message’ function has been rarely used, and does not fit in with our future plans for Diigo as a personal and collaborative research platform. This, along with the plethora of messaging platforms available, results in this function being phased out. 

We apologize if you have come to like this function, please understand that we will be bringing many more benefits with our upgraded site very soon

Thank you for your continued support of Diigo!

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How to put Diigo Outliner to good use!


Check out this great guide from ‘coolcatteacher’ on how to use Diigo Outliner to boost your productivity in the classroom or your research studies.
Have you started any Outliners before?
Let us know how you feel about it and how we can make it even better!


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Diigo PDF Annotator has received a major update!

pdf annotator

We have made big adjustments to our PDF annotation toolbar. The bar has been simplified and given a more modern, simple look to allow you to focus on the content. Features on the toolbar have also been streamlined to provide just the right amount of functionality for PDF review and sharing.

The issue with PDF annotations not showing spaces between words in the annotation menu on certain PDF files has been fixed. Annotations will now show in their intended format. This improvement has been long due, however the complexity and amount of development to resolve this issue was substantial. We think you will be quite pleased with the result of our work.

Before Update:

pdfbug 1

After Update:

pdfbug 2

We have also made the process of selecting text in PDFs more precise and intuitive. Text selection no longer requires pinpoint control, and will not jump to another section in certain cases as on our prior version.

Overall, these changes and improvements will help you get the most out of your PDF research and sharing. If you are new to Diigo, or haven’t had the chance to try our PDF Annotator, feel free give it a try. Most in-depth research documentation and information depositories are offered in PDF format. Get the most out of your research by adding highlights and notes directly to the document, and share the knowledge easily through Diigo, your learning, simplified.

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Social Media Bookmarking

SMB banner

We are proud to introduce ‘social media bookmarking’, the newest integration into Diigo.

This is the age of social media platforms. The way we consume information from the internet has evolved, and so has Diigo.

Just about everyone is on a couple social media platforms, whether to consume or share online content. Managing all your favorite pieces of information throughout all these platforms and apps becomes very difficult once you are using a few sites together. In the case of heavy social media users, the task of managing all this content becomes overwhelming.

Social media bookmarking from Diigo helps you store, find and organize all your favorite pieces of content from these platforms all in one place; your Diigo library.

Connect the platform or your choice to your Diigo account, and your ‘likes’ and ‘favorites’ will automatically be sent to your Diigo library. Default tags can be added to saved content from each separate platform, or you can add/edit them manually from your library. From your library, you can also easily add them to Outliners for further organization, or share them to your Groups directly.

Setup a free Diigo account and give social media bookmarking a try! All Diigo accounts can connect one social media platform for free, while upgraded accounts can connect all the platforms we support simultaneously.


Many more platforms are planned to be added for Diigo integration. Check out our currently supported platforms below!

Twitter – ‘Favorite’ a tweet to send it to your library

Pocket – Choose between ‘favorite’, specific tag/s or ‘all’ for what to send to your library

Instapaper – Choose between ‘favorite’, a specific folder, or ‘all’ for what to send to your library

Github – ‘Star’ a repository to send it to your library

Stack Overflow – ‘Favorite’ a question to send it to your library

Youtube – ‘Like’ a video to send it to your library

Tumblr – ‘Like’ a post to send it to your library

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Diigo for Educators Walk-through Guide!


Check out this great find.
Jennifer Dorman offers a detailed, in-depth look into setting up and using a Diigo account focused on educational uses.
If you ever thought about signing up, give this slideshare a look and set up your own educator account for free!


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5 Tools for teaching online


This post by Eltjam offers 5 of the best tools for teaching online, with Diigo leading the way!

Check out the orginal post for tips on how they use these resources together to achieve premium results.


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