What is Diigo, & what does it do?


Diigo (pronounced dee’go) is an online platform with the goal of helping you create your own personal online knowledge library. Sounds pretty vague right?

Diigo is actually an abbreviation for “Digest of Internet information, Groups and Other stuff”. Yeah, I didn’t come up with the name. If it were up to me the name would have been something similar to other products in social bookmarking “when it was cool” like Delicious or Digg. The net overall has moved away from using social bookmarking as an SEO tool since the big G changed their algorithm and social bookmarking stopped being an effective way of increasing site rankings. This change also effectively killed many sites based on that function.

This is an aspect that differentiates Diigo from all the other sites though, as we are still fully operational and have tried our best to adapt to the ever changing needs of our users. I cannot call Diigo a startup, as we have been active for almost 10 years. We are a boot strapped company, and have never looked for external funding. We’ve never been acquired. We are not from Silicon Valley. We’ve had the same CEO this whole time, with team members that have been with us for 6+ years.

Some members of the tech community would consider a company in our position in “startup purgatory”. The way we look at it is that we really want to see our small vision of filling in what we view as a missing feature from the world wide web, “your own personalized layer of the internet”.

There are some sites now that are pursuing similar goals in terms of a personalized, annotated layer of the internet. Did you know this was a crucial part of the original vision the web was supposed to have? Some have made decent progress, more have kicked the bucket. Our goal is to evolve from “social bookmarking” to allowing users to easily create their own personal online information library

This vision is what keeps Diigo going. Social bookmarking is still a big part of Diigo, Highlights and on-page notes are staple features in this product genre. More and more products are implementing an outline based platform for online information management. What we aim to achieve is bringing all these functions together into one, simple online learning platform. That’s why we are working on a complete revamp of our entire website/UI and adding features that meet users’ current needs. We know this has been long over due. We appreciate all of our users, old and new alike. Let me know what keeps you using Diigo, and what you would like to see us evolve into.

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Hot bookmarks shared from the Diigo community.


This creative article gives us a great example on how to use Twitter for the classroom through a “classroom Twitter account”.
You can improve on this by using Diigo’s Twitter integration to save and profile all the tweets your class sends out.

Check out the link below and also check out our blog viahttp://diigoblr.tumblr.com/ for how to integrate your Twitter account to Diigo.


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Automatic bookmarking for your favorite tweets!


Check out http://diigoblr.tumblr.com for an in-depth look on integrating your tweets to Diigo.

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Certified Diigo Review


Check out this freshly certified review from Graphite.org on Diigo!


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Why do you need your own personal knowledge library?



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Daily Research Workflow Tips!


Check out this method of streamlining your research daily with online resources + Diigo. Make efficient use of your time and boost your productivity!


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Diigo on Tumblr!


For in-depth looks into Diigo, online content curation, and helpful tips on integrating Diigo into your learning, check out our Tumblr page!


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