A “techy review” on Diigo

Illumen (or Joe), a senior editor at The AMCP Tech Blog, was among one of our very first beta testers. Illumen has been awesome in providing us with many valuable feedback and suggestions, and he has been great at being one of our “gate keepers” in giving out invites to our invitation-only closed beta 🙂

He just wrote a review on Diigo (http://amcptwo.blogspot.com/2005/12/diigo.html). Some quote from his post:

“I was given an invite into Diigo’s BETA, and as soon as I logged into the website I was struck by how smooth and well put-together it was. After several days of intensive testing, I realized that Diigo was an excellent extension, quite ready to leave BETA stage. I also realized that it was review material.”

Illumen, thanks for your many feedback and review!


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