Quote: “An interesting alternative/compliment to del.icio.us”

Tim Lauer, the principal at Lewis Elementary School keeps a very informative blog on how technology can be used by teachers and students to gain a greater understanding of their world, and as a means to tell their stories…

He recently wrote a nice post on Diigo (http://tim.lauer.name/archives/003874.html) which he concludes with

“The more I play with Diigo, the more it looks like an interesting alternative/compliment to del.icio.us.”

We’re excited that the educational community has started to discover the usefulness of Diigo, as we believe Diigo can be used as a great research tool for both personal use and collaborative group efforts.

By allowing Highlight and Add Sticky Notes, just like you’d on paper…

  • Now you can highlight & jot down your comments directly on a webpage, and scan through all your research findings quickly.
  • Easily extract and compile all your highlights across multiple pages for a given subject.
  • Keep your annotations private or share with others.
  • Exchange viewpoints on any specific area of a webpage – great for collaboration or debating an issue.

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