Diigo working under the hood…

In late Dec, 2005, Diigo came out in open (sort of) in our invitation-only private closed beta to friends and family and few active web2.0 bloggers. Although we’re still in a closed beta to a limited circle, we’re very encouraged to start receiving so many positive responses, feedback, and even public reviews from people involved in our beta testing. Thank you, everyone, for your time, kind words, and many constructive feedback to help us make Diigo even better!

This is an exciting time for the entire Diigo team. There’s been a lot going on around here that haven’t surfaced on our site yet. It has been just so much fun for all of us to dream up cool features that we wish to have as users, and actually able to realize them. How cool is that! We hope people will soon find Diigo not only a powerful personal tool, but more importantly, a social platform that enables new modes of interactions and participations on the web!

Besides our innovative in situ highlight / annotation features, for our beta users, you’ll soon be among the first to try out other new features. We’ll shortly release the current new features set in stages while we continue to make steady and substantial feature enhancements after our public launch (coming soon 🙂 )

We will start to post our new feature release log here to make it easy for you to check them out. Again, we really appreciate your valuable feedback. Please keep them coming so we can continue to improve our site to serve you better!


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