Diigo – not another de.licio.us wannbie

Jibone wrote in his recent blog post (http://blog.jiboneus.com/2006/01/23/diigo-social-annotation-services/):

“There are tons of social bookmarking sites out there and then there is Diigo. Unlike the other social bookmarking del.licio.us wannbie, I actually like Diigo.”

Thank you, Jibone, for differentiating Diigo from other social bookmarking sites.

Right now, the noise level in the social bookmarking space seems very high. We’ve never conceived and designed Diigo to be just another social bookmarking site. In fact, Diigo is about “Social Annotation”, a superset of social bookmarking.

By allowing users to add highlights, comments and interactions right on the page, in situ, personally, we think this makes Diigo not only a more useful personal tool, but also a more powerful social tool that enables more fruitful interactions and connections among “information consumers”. A lot more cool features will be forecoming…


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