Let one thousand flowers bloom!

Phil Crissman recently wrote a short comment about Diigo: http://philcrissman.com/?p=888

“I only just started using Diigo this morning, and it’s very interesting.

Diigo operates via a browser toolbar, and is available for Firefox, IE, and Flock. It offers many options for adding notes (public and private) to web-pages, storing and sharing bookmarks, subscriptions to RSS feeds, and more. I’m only just learning all the different things you can do with Diigo, so I’ll try to post a more informed review soon. In the meantime, my short acquaintance with it is enough for me to say that it has a lot of potential; keep an eye on this.”

Phil and I exchanged some chat. Indeed we all find the recent emergence of lots of new online services an interesting phenomenon. Phil puts it well: “These various new sorts of sites/tools/social-networking-whatevers are interesting, especially given all the new ones being made, and the creativity that is going into them to try and differentiate themselves from one another.”

This is certainly a healthy competition, and the resulting creativity should be very beneficial to all web users and society as a whole. Let one thousand flowers bloom! We’re glad to take part of this new wave of creativity process!

– Maggie

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