Diigo — A real “power extension”!

Diigo has been an “interesting playground” for us and our community members. It’s been lots of fun focusing on creating Diigo packed with lots of cool and advanced features set that we would love to have as users ourselves 🙂 Of course, with help from our community members, we’ve also been listening to them and trying to incorporate lots of their valuable feedback in our feature development.

Thought to share several user testimonials we’ve received recently. Thanks, everyone for your kind words and continued support! Please continue to share with us your “must-have” and “cool-to-have” wishlists.

“Diigo has an amazing array of features. I never thought anything could replace NeedleSearch, but Diigo’s Search is better and easier to configure. Diigo is worth installing for this alone, but there is so much more. Just install it and play with it. And, if you are thinking, “Not another toolbar!”, a nice thing about Diigo is that it doesn’t demand its own space. You can use all or part, and you can put the components where you like. Also has full-featured context menu.”
Godfrey Daniel

” great extensions. Packed with useful features. Many thanks.”

“Better than google toolbar!

I have not tried the highlight stuff yet. but I really love the search box. I used to use google toolbar – better than firefoxs’ own — since I can do word find and highlight without re-entering the search words. But diigo’s search box is even better – I can do everything that google toolbar allow me to do, and it is custmizable!”
Eric Ham

“I’ve been using Diigo for a while now, and it has gradually replaced both del.icio.us and the built-in firefox bookmark feature as my favorite bookmark utility. Definitely worth trying, I can’t live without it ;-).”
Joseph Wilkinson

“I must admit I wasn’t quite certain whether I really wanted to install a new toolbar. But my friend recommended it to me. Boy, am I glad, once you start to play with it, it’s like a gold mine! Probably by far one of the best bookmarking tools out there. Very clever how they implemented highlighting and sticky notes on the webpage. Search customization is also interestingly done… and everything is all nicely integrated. Well done, Diigo!”

“The highlight feature works beautifully – great if you are an information hound like me. Have not seen a feature like this before – cool.”

“your service seems to cater especially to my needs and my insatiable appetite for knowledge. While other services do offer some of the features you provide, one has yet to bundle all necessary web browsing tools into one package to revolutionize the experience.”

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