Welcome to the Diigo Blog!

Welcome to the new Diigo blog. Yes, it’s finally here 🙂

Since Diigo’s inception, we’ve been very blessed by the kind help we’ve received from many of our users, ranging from active bug reporting and feature suggestions, to words of encouragement. We’re very thankful for your input. Communication so far has taken place on our active user forums, IM, and by e-mail.

We’ve tried to be responsive, to embrace and listen to our users’ needs. Some active users and few people that we have come in contact with have actually become friends! This is not something we expected when we started working on Diigo – but we love it…

But as several of you commented, it’s so not “web 2.0” to be without our own blog nowadays! So far we’ve been quite focused on our efforts to keep improving what we offer our users. Since some of you asked about our blog, we’ve decided it shouldn’t be put off any longer.

In keeping with our goals of research, productivity, and collaboration founded on a rich social platform, we want to offer you posts focused on those areas. It will be a place for Diigo users, and anyone else interested in what Diigo can do, to find the latest news, updates, tips, musings, and ramblings.

This is our blog and your blog. We’d like to encourage our readers to participate. The more each member of the Diigo community becomes involved, the more we all benefit. We welcome your comments, suggestions & contributions. Please comment away or contact us directly at feedback at diigo dot com.

Bloggily yours,
The Diigo Team

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