Glowing Review from Under the Radar

We’ve already mentioned that Diigo will present at the Under the Radar: Why Office 2.0 Matters conference. Well, just saw a glowing review from the conference organizer on their blog.

They clearly understand what Diigo is all about, and we’re grateful for their appreciation and their kind words. For anyone (and especially from expert users like Debbie & Shay) to say they’ve tried “a gazillion sticky-note apps and Diigo is the only one we still use” is quite a compliment!

~ Maggie

4 thoughts on “Glowing Review from Under the Radar

  1. Maggie, congratulations. I’m live blogging from UTR on twitter. I’m in the other room and have received a ton of messages for me to come see your presentation.

    Rafe Diigo is up. swiss army knife of social bookmarking/research.

    Rafe @briansolis: Leave that other room and come here and see for yourself!

    Rafe Diigo: judges liked it a lot.

    Looking forward to catching up with you.


  2. Brian,

    Thanks for the note! Glad to hear you and many people in the audience liked our presentation.

    Yes, love to catch up.


  3. Congrats. I saw you got the audience award.

    Is there a replay of the presentation available?


  4. Keith,

    Thanks. I’m not sure whether there is a podcast for the conference – will check.

    We quoted you & KMA One, “Diigo is the collaborative research tool we’ve been searching for!” as a office2.0 usecase.

    Thanks a lot for your continued help and support 🙂


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