Diigo – the Audience Favorite

We had a blast last week in SF attending both conferences. We met lots of great people, had many face-to-face discussions, and learned new trends and players in the Web2.0 and Office2.0 arena. And our presentation went quite well, as we’re the audience favorite in the Collective Intelligence category.

Here is a nice “Under the Radar Award” logo they sent us.

Alison Murdock, president of Dealmaker media, summarized: Diigo is one of the most talked about collaboration/sticky-note companies…. Summary: The judges’ largest recommendation for these companies is to grow from the bottom up… Which loosely translates to make raving fans of the individual user and then make an enterprise version…”

Given that Diigo has not yet focused on the enterprise market, and this UTR conference theme is “Office2.0″, it’s not surprising that we were not chosen by the panelists despite their very positive comments at the session, as even the moderator Rafe Needleman said: “Diigo: judges liked it a lot.”

Diigo is clearly a new kind of online research & collaborative research app that addresses the pain felt by many. Of course, Diigo will not be just another tool.  The ability to write and mark on webpages, and interact and collaborate so easily, allows us to offer innovative and better ways to enhance online knowledge management, sharing and social discovery, which we will fully exploit and relentlessly innovate, going forward…

~ Maggie

2 thoughts on “Diigo – the Audience Favorite

  1. Congratulations gang!

    I just shared your app with a grad course full of educators and they loved the notation aspect!

    Keep up the great work!


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