I diigo. Do you diigo?

One Diigo fan just sent me this very cute picture he made up. Thanks, Adam – awesome! I got his permission to share it:

This reminds me of a charming poem I saw earlier by another Diigo enthusiast, Jim Stroud:

I diigo
He diigo
She diigo
We diigo
(Shouldn’t you diigo too?)

Ah… Diigo, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

1. I love thee for the free tool that you are.
2. I love thee for your practical knowledge management style.
3. I love thee for thou art so easy to use. I click, I bookmark, I leave a sticky note, I see my sticky notes when I return to a website I have been to before. I smile and say…


Great vibes! Thanks for sharing your love for Diigo 🙂
~ Maggie

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