New features for Diigo Groups

Here are a list of new features that we just updated for the Diigo Groups:

  • RSS support: by private / public group bookmarks or group tag
  • Browse through public groups by category: “Browse by Group Category” in View Groups
  • Full text search support to search a group: “Find / Join a group” search box in View Groups
  • Search Group bookmarks by Tag or Full-text: When you go to a particular group, use the search box on the top
  • Pull up all forum posts by username: click a username in a group forum, all posts by that user in that group will be displayed.
  • Diigolet now supports groups: go to “My Tools” section and reinstall. I love the new Diigolet… Give it a try!

Group forum full-text search is not being updated in this release yet, but forthcoming… Stay tuned…

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