"Tip of the day" ~ Rapid bookmarking: One-Click Save

If you’re in a hurry, the Diigo toolbar offers the “One-Click Save” button. Some of you may wonder “what happened to the “QuickD” button in the old toolbar? Well, here are a few changes we believe will help improve the usability:

The “One-Click Save” button now serves two purposes:

  • Rapid Bookmarking

    It replaces the QuickD button in the previous version. Clicking the “One-Click Save” button while visiting a website will automatically save the bookmark to your “My Bookmarks” section without the usual Bookmark pop-up window. The default tag is currently set as “no-tag“. (Tip: all bookmarks tagged under “no-tag” can be easily pulled up in your “My Bookmarks” section » use the “Untagged” tab for batch editing at a later time.) You can also change the default tag for the “One-Click Save” operation by setting it under the Bookmark button » One-Click Save Options

  • Bookmarking Icon Status

    If you have already bookmarked a webpage, a red bookmark will appear.

    (Tip: any annotation changes will now be reflected on the “Comment” icon as well as on the new sidebar.)

Also, a related topic: there is now a better way to view a “Filtered bookmark list” in the new sidebar vs. the previous version. We will cover that topic in a separate Tip in this series.