Diigo now too "social"?

With the launch of Diigo 3.0 to rave reviews, some people also wonder if Diigo has become too social, too “facebookish.” Regarding this concern, we would like to make the following points:

  1. Facebook is about “who you know”, while Diigo is about “what you know”. Diigo is a community centered around information and knowledge sharing – all social features in Diigo are designed to serve the purpose of better collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

  2. Facebook connects people based on their existing relationships and affiliations, while Diigo connects people based on common interests in information and content.

  3. Diigo gives users broader latitude in terms of “being social” or not. At one extreme, you can be completely “anti-social” and use Diigo mainly as a research tool for personal productivity — surely you cannot be completely anti-social on Facebook! Diigo provides users with many options on how to share information with others and how to get information from others and the community, involving varying degrees of effort and intrusiveness. This point has been explained very well in a recent blog post at ehub.

Bottomline? Diigo is a new kind of social network centered around information and knowledge, and is perhaps best referred to as a “social information network“.

Diigo is evolving and innovating rapidly. So stay tuned, as lots more exciting things will be forthcoming!

PS: In this new V3 release, we do provide a Facebook widget. For those who have a Facebook account, click here to check it out!

2 thoughts on “Diigo now too "social"?

  1. I played the games, entered my “social” information and content feeds on diigo 3. But I’ve done that many times, on Facebook but also on Ziki, Linkedin, on WordPress, Technorati, Mybloglog… and I don’t see the point, same stuff. I love diigo for what it does best: highlighting and annotating webpages with good written content, as I do on paper with a pencil, (for plain bookmarking I use del.icio.us, diigo is for selected content). I entered the social information to play the game, who knows? I may be surprised but I am skeptical and inclined to say: keep your energy on the good stuff, on what you do best.

  2. Thanks for your feedback. Indeed, Diigo has been known for its “power research / collaboration tool” capabilities. It is a great platform for knowledge management and sharing. Along with lots of other productivity functionalities, Diigo can surely help you process, and organize your online information more effectively.

    In this new release, many of these core power research tool capabilities are made much more intuitive and further enhanced. Since these are our core competence, we will continue to focus and make them better and better.

    On the social aspects, again, those are completely optional. However, there are tremendous value and power waiting to be unleashed by the collective wisdom. Stay tuned, as diigo continues to evolve 🙂

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