"Tip of the day" ~ How to customize Diigo toolbar

We appreciate how “precious” everyone’s computer desktop space is. Some people are even reluctant to install any browser extension / toolbar because of that concern. So we have made our toolbar quite flexible. Below we use Firefox to illustrate the many ways the Diigo toolbar can be customized. Customization with Internet Explorer is somewhat different, but equally versatile.

The default look of the Diigo Toolbar is as follows:

If you think this is taking too much of your screen space, you can customize it in many ways.

Option 1:

You can have as many or as few Diigo buttons as you need on your desktop. Just pick and choose which button(s) you need by going to Diigo toolbar (Diigo >> Options >> Toolbar & Menu >> Select toolbar Buttons):

Option 2:

Completely hide the Diigo toolbar (go to View >> Toolbars) and only use the context menu and content selection menu.

Option 3:

Merge the Diigo toolbar with another toolbar. For example, Go to View >> Toolbars >> Customize, and then drag the bookmark toolbar items onto the Diigo toolbar, and then hide the bookmark toolbar. See below.

In fact, you can save more screen space by removing the built-in search box and merge the rest of the navigation bar to the top bar, and then hide the navigation bar, resulting in the following set-up that is extremely compact and handy

Option 4:

You can also drag any of the buttons on the Diigo toolbar and move them to other bars, then hide the Diigo toolbar. In the screenshot below, the Diigo button is moved to the top bar, and the Diigo toolbar is hidden

3 thoughts on “"Tip of the day" ~ How to customize Diigo toolbar

  1. Just a thank you. Although I consider myself a Diigo V3 power user, these tips offer a good review of its finalization.

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