Diigo at ERE Expo 2008 ~ the premier HR Conference

We’re delighted to learn that Tim O’Connor who is currently the Strategic Sourcing Lead for Capgemini, one of the largest management and IT consulting firms, has been invited to present at ERE Expo 2008 and will be featuring Diigo in his talk on April 2nd in San Diego. ERE Expo is the premier gathering for those in the HR / Recruiting / Sourcing industry. Broad range of the most recent and relevant issues currently affecting the global recruiting industry will be discussed.


In this session, O’Connor introduces you to Diigo, a site that allows you create your own database of candidates on line for free. Diigo was not created with the thought of recruiting in mind, but he explains how it can be a hidden gem for a few select recruiters and researchers in the U.S. who have been lucky enough to understand how to get the most of it. You’ll learn how to do Boolean searches across multiple search engines in just seconds. You’ll learn more about bookmarks and tags. You’ll learn how to create your own database of candidates online.


April 2nd, 1:30pm

A related quote from a recruiting specialist, Michael Marlatt, who is using Diigo extensively as he’s constantly sourcing for talent on from the web:

“Whether I am surfing the web, sourcing for resumes or conducting competitive intelligence, Diigo allows me to quickly capture relevant data, create annotations, keep it all organized, easily retrievable, simultaneously share (real-time) content with my team, and oh by the way I can do this without my personal computer from anywhere in the world. The days of simply book-marking favorites in a browser (old-school) and creating “bookmarklets” is definitely not efficient. This is especially true if you have 100’s (if not 1000’s) of favorite sites stored in your current browser. Diigo has vastly simplified how I maintain and share content from the web.”

The online recruiting “guru”, Jim Stroud, also has posted several strong recommendations for Diigo here, here, here and here. In his words “Diigo: I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! Use it, use it, use it…

We’re glad to hear that people are discovering ways that Diigo makes their lives easier everyday. Indeed, Diigo is not merely just another bookmarking, web annotation, etc, etc. tool and site. It is designed very much with research and productivity in mind, as it actually arose out of our personal needs to read and digest large amount of information online and the need to share thoughts and interact on those information. For those browse or consume a lot information on the web, we believe they will find Diigo quite indispensable.

It’s fantastic that more and more people are sharing their Diigo experience in workshops / conferences across various disciplines and industries! If you’re going to be at ERE Expo and you would like to see Diigo in action, then drop by Tim’s discussion this Wed afternoon!

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