Horsepower interview with Diigo founders

We had a blast meeting with David LaPlante, chairman of the State of Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology and CEO of Twelve Horses and his crew, Mike Henderson, Earl Spriggs & Leilani Schweitzer. Twelve Horses is a full-service relationship marketing and messaging company specializing in designing interactive communication solutions.

It’s great knowing that many workgroups and companies are discovering and finding Diigo to be quite useful for both personal productivity and effective collaborative research… reasons that inspire us to create Diigo in the very first place. Besides “What is / Why Diigo”, we also chatted about “Why Reno / Tahoe”

To find out the inside scoop, be sure to check out our interview and podcast 🙂

3 thoughts on “Horsepower interview with Diigo founders

  1. Sure it’s a great and very helpful website. It must reach more and more people everyday. Congratulations for the good job!

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