China Earthquake ~ A picture is worth a thousand words

A wedding photographer in Sichuan captured the before and after moments: (Source:

May 12 – A couple just took some lovely outdoor wedding shots outside of a beautiful church in Pongzho, Sichuan

When the major quake hit, lots of stones fell off the church buildings all of a sudden. Since there was no where to hide, everyone except the photographer who captured this precious moment, got down on their knee and held their head down.

Shaking stopped and dust settled. Everyone gradually stood up and looked around what a destructive force Mother Earth had just released.

What’s left of this 100 year old church.

The bride full of dust and shaken, but very blessed that everyone is all right.

27 thoughts on “China Earthquake ~ A picture is worth a thousand words

  1. Wow, what a series of images. Best wishes go out to all those impacted.

  2. Wow. What amazing photographs. Thank you for sharing these. Incredible. Such a handsome couple, too. Glad to hear that they are all right. Our hearts go out to those who were less fortunate.

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  4. Sin duda alguna la boda perfecta
    Es un castigo de los dioses por haber mantenido relaciones extramatrimoniales

  5. The CEO of our company, Sterling Communications, offered to double any donations employees made to relief efforts in China or Burma. Sometimes numbers don’t tell the whole story, so I forwarded (using Diigo), this post to put a human face on the tragedy. Glad to hear the wedding party is safe, although so many people still aren’t. Keep up the good work.

  6. Beautiful composition. I hope the bride finally got married. My prayers are for everyone who’s been affected by this tradgedy

  7. Wow… amazing photographs. Glad to hear everyone was alright. The rest of the victims are in my thoughts.

  8. …as a photographer, and ex-photojournalist, I feel split between saying “shit” and “lucky bastard”… truly a question of being there at the right time and right moment, or, rather truly, at the wrong time and wrong moment.

    I’m truly glad to hear at least those people all made it out ok. The quake has shaken China and it’s people very deeply. It’s a truly “beautiful” series of images.

  9. It’s absolutely amazing that anyone was able to survive. Thanks for sharing Maggie! I hope all is well-

  10. Wow, talk about the right place at the right time.

    It’s great to hear that everyone is alright.

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