FastCompany Scoble interview with Diigo founder

Wade met up with Robert Scoble, a top blogger and founder of earlier in San Francisco.

What’s so neat about this video podcast is that instead of using a bulky camcorder, Scoble recorded the conversation / demo using a cell phone video (see picture.) Also, the whole interview was streamed live to the internet while they were talking:

While there is much room for improvement on the video quality, this technology is certainly quite convenient for people on the go. Pretty cool!

It’s now posted at Fast Company Live  Check it out!

2 thoughts on “FastCompany Scoble interview with Diigo founder

  1. This was a very good interview showing how great a tool Diigo is. I always highly recommend Diigo and find it very useful for film projects on Rabbit Bites and all kinds of other talks. Glad to see Robert Scoble is a fan too!

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