Mashable Open Web voting opened and Diigo is a nominee!

Mashable Open Web Awards just opens up its first round of voting, and Diigo is a semi-finalist in the social bookmarking category.  Now we need your vote to make it to the Final Round!

Diigo is often compared with other social bookmarking sites. We feel this is not quite doing it justice. As both a research tool and a knowledge-sharing community, Diigo is substantially more powerful as it is carefully designed to address these needs: how to discover, process, manage, and share online information more productively and effectively. While Diigo is not the “biggest” yet,  it certainly is the “BEST” among its class, and continues to get better and better as we are barely scratching the surface of what can be done here!

User can vote once a day.   Please submit your email address in the widget above and confirm your vote by clicking on the link in your email. With your help, we can grow the Diigo Knowledge Community, and provide even more value to users. Please share your love for Diigo & help us to spread the news 🙂 Thanks for your support!


~ The Diigo Team

10 thoughts on “Mashable Open Web voting opened and Diigo is a nominee!

  1. Just voted for Diigo, the best social bookmarking tool which I can’t live without anymore.

  2. I just voted Diigo for the best social bookmarking category – because it is!

    And I have been talking for the last 2 hours at a conference in Orlando, FL (Sloan Conference) where two of us held a poster session (3×4 foot poster!) where we showcased our Diigo in Education project. (The project began with Delicious, but it wasn’t good enough, so we switched to Diigo.) We had lots of people asking about instructional strategies where Diigo becomes useful.

    Way to go Diigo!

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