Diigo ~ Open Web Awards winner!

It’s official:  Diigo wins Best Social Bookmarking for Mashable’s People’s Choice Open Web Awards!

The Open Web Awards is a multilingual international online voting competition that covers major innovations in web technology. It recognizes and honors the top achievements in 26 categories. This year Mashable partners up over 100 international blog partners to cover the event. Through a competitive online nominating and two rounds of voting process, we are happy to share with you that Diigo was selected as the winner of the Social Bookmarking category in the People’s Choice Open Web Awards.

As both a research tool and a knowledge-sharing community, Diigo is carefully designed to address these needs: how to discover, process, manage, and share online information more productively and effectively. While Diigo is not the “biggest” yet,  it certainly is the “BEST” among its class, and continues to get better and better as we are barely scratching the surface of what can be done here!

Of course, we’d like the share the joy and honor with the entire Diigo community. We couldn’t have done it without your kind support. Very big thanks to everyone for voting for us to give Diigo its due recognition!

We are passionate about making Diigo the best knowledge sharing and management platform for individuals, work groups, and companies. Lots more exciting projects forthcoming.  Stay tuned, as we continue to evolve and push forward!

15 thoughts on “Diigo ~ Open Web Awards winner!

  1. Glad to hear you won. Congrats. Perhaps even more telling is that Delicious was not number two. I think that says something about the desire to do more than just be delicious. Good to see Diigo leading the way.

  2. Well deserved, and very timely.

    I rarely lend my free time to things that aren’t entirely open source, but Diigo is open enough for me to find the experience very worthwhile and rewarding.

    Equally as important as open source: interoperability — playing well with others. In this area: Diigo distinguished itself from other services at an early stage in its development. Export and interop services have been maintained and improved, consistently, over a long period.

    The attention given by Diigo to users’ wishes and requirements, balanced considerately with broader issues that yield long-term benefits, is remarkable.

    Thanks: to all foreground and background developers, and to Diigo and other community contributors of thought, time and effort.


  3. Congratulations! We love Diigo – such a robust tool. With so many apps out there, it’s reassuring to know that the folks at Diigo are progressive and always setting the bar higher. Thank You!!!!

  4. Congratulations! We love Diigo – such a robust tool. With so many apps out there, it’s reassuring to know that the folks at Diigo are progressive and always setting the bar higher. Thank You!!!!

  5. Congratulations!

    First time I tried Diigo, I found it pretty usefull and innovative. After years, it’s still true. Go on people! (and now, let’s internationalize all this)

  6. This is very exciting news! Congratulations to Maggie and the entire Diigo team for this award. You definitely deserve it! You not only have created an incredible tool for educators but you have done it by modeling the kind of collaboration you support through your tool and involving all of us in the way you constantly seek feedback and respond to it. You are the ultimate model for customer service in a day where good customer service is extremely rare. Thank you for your responsiveness and your outstanding tool. I can’t imagine my life without Diigo!

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