New favicon design ~ d for Diigo

Diigo V4.0 UI has been completely revamped to focus Diigo as a powerful tool and platform for research, sharing and collaboration. As we will continue to share more tips with you on many of the new features and design changes,  you may have noticed that Diigo’s favicon has also been redesigned.  It’s now a streamlined “d”  for diigo.

You will start seeing the new favicon in many places.  Stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “New favicon design ~ d for Diigo

  1. Is this something that we can use freely when we’re doing Professional Development? I’d like to have an “official” Diigo icon but want to make sure that it’s ok with you to be able to distribute it in our own materials whether in print or online.

    Thanks for all the recent improvements!


  2. Diigo is one of my favorite online services. Thank you for making such a wonderful tool. It truly is ahead of any of its competitors and believe me I have tried a lot of them.

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