"Save to Diigo" Google Chrome extension beta V1.0.1 is out

Say hello to our very first Google Chrome extension: “Diigo bookmarks“. It allows you to save bookmarks to Diigo (& delicious) with simple one-click.

Once you have updated to the latest Chrome browser beta that supports extensions, get your Diigo Chrome extension here >>

When installed, a small d icon will be added to the toolbar (near Location bar). This first release features bookmarking function with simple one-click!

* URL & Title captured
* Tag & Description Edit
* Privacy setting
* Mark “Unread” to read later

Even if you are not a Diigo user yet, you can start signing in with your Twitter/Facebook/Google/Yahoo/OpenId to get started.

For more detail, please visit our download page >>

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the features you might be familiar with on Diigo aren’t available yet or possible in the current Chrome extension architecture (such as a downloadable toolbar similar to FF or IE add-ons, right-click menu, etc), but we’re working to make it better as we go. We will continue to think outside the box. We will also pay attention to make our Chrome extension(s) fast & really awesome. Stay tuned for new updates soon!

PS. We’re so pleased to see so many awesome user comments and know that our team’s hard work is indeed making a difference. Do help us out by giving us good reviews. Thanks for everyone’s enthusiasm and kind support!