Lifehacker: Diigo ~Five Best Bookmark Management Tools

Lifehacker is doing a writeup on the Best Bookmark Management Tools, as “the web—and web browsers—evolve extremely quickly, but if there’s one web browsing feature that’s stood the test of time, it’s browser bookmarks. Manage your bookmarks effectively and efficiently with one of these five bookmark management tools.”

Diigo is selected as one of the top Five. Lifehacker editor, Fitzpatrick, wrote:

Diigo is different from most bookmarking tools; it allows you to not only save the URL of a website, but annotate it, archive it (instead of merely saving the address of it), and share both your bookmarks and archived research with others. Even if you’re currently only interested in a bookmarking service, it’s nice to know that if you wish to expand your scope to archiving pages and collecting text in addition to just bookmarking URLs, you can do so easily with Diigo. You can access Diigo through their website, via the Diigo toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer, via bookmarklet, or via the Diigo Chrome extension.

As one user commented (Thanks, Samsonian for sharing your input 🙂

Diigo definitely takes this cake. The hi-liting and page archiving services are just amazing. Also the post-it notes help a lot during group projects. If people gave it a proper chance, I am extremely sure they will let go of all other similar services.

Diigo is wonderful!

Indeed Diigo is more than just a simple bookmarking or a web markup tool. It’s simple to use, yet very powerful when you want a better way to collect, organize, archive, and share online knowledge and process like never before. To learn more what makes Diigo the premium online research tool, check out Diigo V4 summary here

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