Diigo updates its “free + premium” model

We very much value and appreciate the feedback that many users have shared with us about our recent move to the freemium model. As a result, we are introducing some changes to the price/feature matrix.

In particular, the “Free” plan has been enhanced by increasing the number of highlights and enabling limited page cache, screen capture, etc. A cheaper plan, called “Basic”, at $20/year, has been introduced. We’ve also taken special consideration of the needs of educators and those accounts continue to be free and have access to all of the core Diigo functionalties (namely, bookmarking, annotations, lists, and groups), and lots more (special educator features and some advanced functions). For details, please check out the updated product offerings table.

We believe the new plans should help accommodate even greater flexibility for users of various needs. Of course, for users who have already upgraded and desire to switch to a different plan, please contact us. We’ll be happy to assist.

New premium features and more forthcoming

Text view: Along with the new changes mentioned above, we are glad to release another great feature for premium account users: “Text View” that removes the clutter around what you are reading and displays a clean, readable view. To learn more, make sure to check it out!

Upload cached pages through diigolet: “Upload cached pages” feature was previously only available on Diigo FF and IE toolbar. Now this feature is also available in diigolet, so it works on any browsers. When you bookmark a page to Diigo, you can choose to upload the page, even if it is dynamic or hidden behind the password protection. To learn more, check it out!

Note: we will make this feature available in Diigo Chrome extension soon.

In our passion to deliver great value and user experience to our users, Diigo team continues to push the envelope and work hard to develop a whole array of innovative features and products to enhance your productivity for collecting, consuming and collaborating on digital information. Meanwhile, if there are certain premium features that you’d like us to consider, please share your idea with us. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Diigo updates its “free + premium” model

  1. I immediately upgraded to premium. There are two features I would REALLY Like.
    1. Cache everything I save by default. It appears that I currently have to check the box. Please make it sticky (as “Private” was or is) — I can’t think of a situation where I don’t want to cache the page I’m saving.
    2. I wish I had the ability to import the default Delicious bookmarks automatically, or on the push of a button to get the Delicious tags (to me, not you, and would therefore perhaps not be a violation of their TOS). I currently find myself sometimes (often) starting to get the Delicious tags just to copy them to Diigo.

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