Introduce “Save Favorite Tweets” to save your favorite tweets to Diigo

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Upon popular request, we have just implemented a cool feature for Twitter fans: “Save Favorite Tweets”. With a 2-step simple setup, you can begin to automatically save your favorite tweets to your Diigo library on a daily basis. Best of all, cached pages for links in the tweets will also be automatically fetched and saved on Diigo, so you can always access the archived pages. Here is how to get started:

1) Visit Diigo Tools >> Save Favorite Tweets:
Click “Connect Twitter to Diigo”, then “Allow” Diigo access:


2) Set up your preference: you can either save only favorite tweets with links as bookmarks in Diigo, or you can save all your favorite tweets with or without links as Diigo bookmarks or notes.

In addition, you can select privacy or even add additional tags. If you use any #hashtags, they will be automatically saved as tags as well.


That’s it. Our system will take care of the rest.

Note: “Save favorite tweets” is currently a feature reserved for Premium users, although other users can also try it on a limited basis.

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