Scheduled Maintenance Notice 2

The scheduled maintenance is the second step for a backend upgrade.  We will move Diigo from current data center to Amazon cloud.  You will experience a faster and more stable Diigo after the migration.

The planned maintenance window is Wednesday, Feb 11th at 0:00PM US PST.  We expect the actual downtime to be approximately 1 hour.

27 thoughts on “Scheduled Maintenance Notice 2

  1. We hope that you let the user be able to backup/sync all his library with some external cloud service such as Dropbox/Google Drive/ if you are not going to release a stand-alone app that contains the library (like evernote) soon.

  2. When I use the function ‘share’ to send a link via an email It don’t work and I recieve ‘message not send’. This errors have began at Feb, 10, 2015 that have coincided with ‘move Diigo from current data center to Amazon cloud’. How do the function may be corrected?

  3. Dear Sir Hi,
    This is my fourth message to you.You did not response any of them.
    I’m a premium user and i can NOT get any support from you.
    Please response as soon as possible it’s become little annoying when i can not any reply from you.
    My pdf annotations are missing after you migrate your servers to amazon web servers.I had 350 annotations when i logged in panel i saw there were 100 annotations left also Diigo PDF READER does NOT open and load.
    Please FIX This issue immediately.

  4. Can we get any update on when the Diigo Chrome extension will be back in the web store? Thanks.

  5. You still sign onto Diigo, this change will not affect how you use Diigo in any way.

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