Diigo Revamp – 1st Stage!

We are currently working on big changes for the Diigo UI, bringing you an easier, modern and streamlined version.
The first stage we want to share with our users is the new homepage. Let us know what you guys think before it goes live!

Homepage Final

9 thoughts on “Diigo Revamp – 1st Stage!

  1. Can’t wait to see more of the new design! I’ve been a Diigo fan (and evangelist!) for years (since the days of Delicious’ plateau), so I’m confident that any changes will be great. Thanks for your continued pursuit of great app design! Next up… the Android app? It’s sorely in need of help, folks.

  2. Thanks for your support Adam! I agree the Android app is in need of a revamp. We are working on it. However, as we are a small team, it will take more testing, coding and time before we can release an updated app for Android. It’s definitely coming though, check back on our blog for updates.

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