Hot bookmarks shared from the Diigo community

Academic Integrity.
Every wondered what Academic Integrity means? Take a look at this and tell us what you think.

4 thoughts on “Hot bookmarks shared from the Diigo community

  1. Diigo blog, this is not helping. It seems you are making blog posts just to generate content one your blog. When I subscribed to you, I wanted updates about Diigo and fascinating ideas about how to use Diigo. Now, I’m getting “hot bookmarks” about topics I care little about. One more week of this, and I’ll have to unsubscribe. Now knowing you, you won’t post this comment, so I hope that whoever reads it, takes it to heart.

  2. Most blogs post semi relevant info to have consistant content generation, my apologies if the posts are not to your liking. We do have major changes and Diigo updates coming, like our homepage and tuturial, however just posting about product updates is very limiting and will make the blog look very inactive. What type of content would like to see on our blog?

  3. What I’d rather see btw (thanks for asking): posts about taking better notes, organizations using Diigo, other add ons that you think complement Diigo, hidden features of Diigo, guest posts etc. If you want, I’ll write one about my series Rabbit Bites, and how I started using Diigo to fame and fortune for, Yahoo and Youtube, as a Webby Award Honoree, and many many other illustrious web honors.

  4. Thanks for your input, I’ll definitely take it into consideration.
    It would be great if you are willing to blog about how you use Diigo. Drop me a note via when you are free and we can work something out.

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