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The method of creating outlines as a form of preparation before starting on a research paper,  literature review, thesis, or any formal document where structure is important is a common practice. Almost every time you structure an outline of your thoughts and research before putting it into a formal document, the results will be better than if you skipped this process. This is the reason I want to share Diigo’s “Outliner” with you and show you how outlines can not only be used for written documents, but also for your online information.


This is an Outliner I created regarding strategic foresight. We are in the process of working with a consultancy specializing in strategic foresight, so research into this field was needed since we were not familiar with this specialization.

As most people do now, I started with a simple Google search for “strategic foresight”,  This turned into many more searches, each one more specific than the last. During this process, I added the sites with relevant information into Diigo, and the sites that struck me as very informative were thrown into Outliner.

The text in the Outliner linked above is almost completely generated through the “convert” feature. What this does is it automatically converts the text you highlighted in any link you insert into Outliner directly into text structured under the web site link. Adjusting the structure and adding short notes were the only actions that needed manual input. This gave me a great overview of the best pieces of relevant information I found on the web in one document with simple access to the original links. I can also easily share it with anyone, like I’m sharing with all of you, through a share link within Outliner.

Feel free to check out my Outliner, or start your own over at www.diigo.com. We aim to make the process of organizing your online knowledge simple, Outliner is an important factor towards reaching this goal. Be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions.

4 thoughts on “Diigo’s Shared Outliners

  1. Moving items around is very easy as you can use the point for each section as a navigational tool to move sections around.
    Other users currently cannot make comments on an outliner. Highlighting information that’s manually added into an Outliner is not support now, although you can directly convert highlights from the source directly into the Outline.

  2. You can generate a shareable link for an outliner, then add a bookmark in the group with this shared link.
    We will work on better shared outliner solution.

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