Automatic Bookmarking for your Twitter Favorites

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Regular to heavy users of Twitter have long had a need for a simple method of saving and organizing their favorite tweets. By only using the provided features within Twitter, users end up with a long, unorganized list of favorites with no real way to structure them. Therefore, we built a feature within Diigo that automatically saves your favorite tweets to your library, where you can organize them by adding tags or sending them to Outliner.

This “save favorite tweets” feature has actually been around for quite a while, 5 years to be exact. We built this feature to use within our own staff, who all loved this function so much that we integrated it into Diigo. There wasn’t a big announcement, and we didn’t promote this function much. However, through the years we’ve come to find that many users really like this feature, so I’m going to take you through the process of integrating Twitter to your Diigo library.

Sign into your Diigo account and head to the link above. You can also access this page by signing into your Diigo library, mouse over your account avatar on the top right corner, and selecting the “tools” option. This page is not easily reachable in it’s current state, which is an issue we are going to address when we revamp our site. From here, make sure you are signed into your Twitter account and hit the “Connect Twitter to Diigo” button. You’re set!

From the same page, you can access a few options on how Diigo handles your saved tweets. Options include saving only favorites with links, privacy settings, and automatically adding tags to your saved tweets. Your favorite tweets are updated daily, set and forget.

As we are in the process of a complete web site revamp, more integration with social media is definitely in our pipeline. Let me know what you think of this feature, and If you would like to see it’s functionality expanded to other major social media channels as well. Leave your input in the comments below our drop us a note via!

The “save favorite tweets” feature is currently limited to premium users. This will change once we release our revamped website, coming soon!

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