Diigo PDF Annotator has received a major update!

pdf annotator

We have made big adjustments to our PDF annotation toolbar. The bar has been simplified and given a more modern, simple look to allow you to focus on the content. Features on the toolbar have also been streamlined to provide just the right amount of functionality for PDF review and sharing.

The issue with PDF annotations not showing spaces between words in the annotation menu on certain PDF files has been fixed. Annotations will now show in their intended format. This improvement has been long due, however the complexity and amount of development to resolve this issue was substantial. We think you will be quite pleased with the result of our work.

Before Update:

pdfbug 1

After Update:

pdfbug 2

We have also made the process of selecting text in PDFs more precise and intuitive. Text selection no longer requires pinpoint control, and will not jump to another section in certain cases as on our prior version.

Overall, these changes and improvements will help you get the most out of your PDF research and sharing. If you are new to Diigo, or haven’t had the chance to try our PDF Annotator, feel free give it a try. Most in-depth research documentation and information depositories are offered in PDF format. Get the most out of your research by adding highlights and notes directly to the document, and share the knowledge easily through Diigo, your learning, simplified.

23 thoughts on “Diigo PDF Annotator has received a major update!

  1. Also you need to add hide/show(toggle) functionality for highlights….
    Because sometimes we can not read properly when there are lots of highlights.

  2. Yes I noticed that the site has changed, for the better in some menu items easier to understand I am very grateful for these innovations

  3. Yes, you can. Choose the ‘add’ button from ‘My Library’ and select PDF to upload a local PDF. There is a limit of 3 uploaded PDFs for a free account though.

  4. As in 3 at a time? Or 3 throughout library (which would be crazy, right?).

    With paid can you bulk upload? Are there any different upload/tagging tools?

  5. 3 total if you are on a free account. On a premium account you may bulk upload.

  6. So I need to get at least a Standard account to bulk upload PDF’s?

    I can upload an unlimited number at a time? (Probably have about 200)

  7. On a standard account you have a limit of 100 PDFs. With a professional plan, you have an unlimited amount of PDFs uploads/annotations.

  8. You can upload up to 100 PDFs on Diigo, however PDFs need to be uploaded one by one.

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