TigerLogic Corporation Releases Yolink 3.1 With Google Docs and Diigo Integration

TigerLogic Corporation (Nasdaq: TIGR) just released Yolink 3.1 version with tight integration with Diigo for “Save and Share”: http://www.yolink.com/yolink/press/31_PRESS_RELEASE.pdf

Yolink is a great search tool that gives users the ability to quickly view detailed information that is hidden ‘one-level deep’ behind search results or the links of any website, as well as e-books and text.  Together, we think that Yolink and Diigo are highly synergistic, making a perfect one-two punch that can dramatically improve one’s research productivity.  Check out the combo!

Highlight, Annotate, Archive, Search, Share ~ Diigo ~ the best online research tool just gets even better: Diigo V4 is live now!

Diigo V4 launches today!  Needlessly to say, we are excited that V4 finally gets to say hello to the world!

In our passion to make Diigo the best in its class, we’ve added features, completely revamped the user interfaces, made existing features even easier to use, and come up with what we think you’ll find is an even more incredible platform than before.  Before we give you a peek at all Diigo now has to offer, though,  the entire Diigo team wants to express our most sincere thanks to each and every one of our users and fans, especially those who helped so much in our beta testing phase, for your time, help, encouragement, suggestions, ideas, and yes, bug reports to help us shape Diigo where it is today.  So, in a very real sense, all of you who take an interest in Diigo are a valuable part of the Diigo team, and you have as much reason to be proud of today’s launch of Version 4 as we do.

Thank you, Diigo Community!

Diigo V4 represents Diigo’s continuous effort and commitment to make Diigo the premium online research tool.  As many of you know, Diigo is not merely just another social bookmarking service or a web markup tool. We are developing Diigo to address our personal pain and to help users to better manage the process of discovering, processing, managing, and sharing online information more productively and effectively, so all the features are carefully thought out and seamlessly integrated with personal and team collaboration productivity in mind. We are passionate about making Diigo the best knowledge gathering and sharing platform for individuals, work groups, and companies, organizations, and educators alike.  And we are continuing our relentless pursuit of being a leading innovator in the space and making Diigo the best it can be!

So, what’s new in V4 (click to learn more)?   Building upon the strengths of Diigo V3, version 4 adds significant features, usability and flexibility:

  • New user interface — Users of version 4 enjoy an all-new web interface that reinforces Diigo as a powerful personal and team research tool. The three main areas — My Library, My Network and My Groups — relate to the key value propositions of Diigo: Research, Sharing, and Collaboration.  New display options — compact, standard and power edit — also make the rich feature set more easily accessible.
  • Snapshots on demand — The established approach to bookmarking is complemented by Diigo’s version 4’s new archiving capability to capture and archive entire web pages — even dynamic and password-protected content. For each snapshot requested (using the full Diigo toolbar in Firefox or Internet Explorer), an HTML version and screenshot are added to the user’s library, and all available versions are presented on a timeline.  This is like building a personal wayback machine of important webpages.   Some examples of uses for this new features are:  archiving of online receipts, promotional ads, client media outreach (for marketing and PR) archiving and reporting, and a wide range of time-progressive reporting of online data.
  • Improved search — Users now have a vastly improved search utility, which allows them to toggle between several modes in their libraries. Filtering by tags gives the most specific results, but users can also search by full text, by a combination of criteria (tags, annotations, and URL), or perform advanced searches with custom criteria. For more advanced searches, ten criteria are available. All in all, a highly effective toolset for finding data in Diigo — quickly!
  • Improved Annotations features and user interface – A new function allows users to turn their mouse pointer into a highlighting pen, which is now available in multiple colors so that groups or individual paragraphs can be easily differentiated. Also, improved icons for annotations, improved view annotation filters, and a new highlight menu, provide greater flexibility for Diigo users who prefer a custom approach to sticky notes.
  • Simple, powerful, learning networks — Users of Diigo 4 benefit from a streamlined and highly effective approach to bookmark-oriented networking with friends, collaborators and other people of interest. The old two-way approach to establishing a relationship is replaced by a single action: Follow. Within the resulting Network, a flow of bookmarks — including your own — provides a close to real-time view of the activities and interests of these people. Creation or annotation of any bookmark causes it to rise to the forefront in all associated networks. In any person’s network — not just your own — you can preview, filter by tag, add comments and more.
  • Group knowledge repositories and discussions — Version 4 greatly increases the capabilities of the Diigo platform for group knowledge and collaboration. Integration, filters, sort options, greatly improved support for tags, highly focused search results, group snapshots and other refinements make Diigo group work both productive and enjoyable.

For instance: imagine a group of corporate head hunters looking for job candidates on social networks. These Web “snapshots” can be gathered (even from behind passworded profiles) to aggregate a graphical list of candidates with their qualifications and etc.

  • Diigo meta — Annotated preview, bookmarking history with per-user tags, highlights and sticky notes, personal annotations, public annotations, public comments, tag cloud, and more. The Meta page appears by default when you browse the library of any other user. Other routes to Diigo Meta include the Share menu and the Snapshots page for a bookmark.
  • iPhone® application — users can now access their Diigo libraries from the iPhone and iPod touch®, plus download for offline browsing! (Coming soon ~ pending approval by App Store)
  • Other improvements — Diigo 4 brings a wide range of additional improvements including multi-word tagging, improved tag editing, smarter approaches to moderation, plus lots more!  We will try to highlight and showcase many of the new changes in future posts.

This version 4 release of Diigo is a substantial step towards making our service the premier web-based research tool. The collective power ingrained in the Diigo platform to collect, organize, archive, and share knowledge and process like never before, is now improved dramatically and positions Diigo and its users at the threshold of a new collaborative research and knowledge age.

Whether you are a consumer researching products to buy, an individual investor researching stocks on the Internet, a teacher gathering materials, a student group collecting information for a group project, a PR professional collecting client-relevant information, a recruiter scouting for talent, or a workgroup staying on top of competitive intelligence, Diigo can dramatically improve your productivity.

There is a lot to explore in the new Diigo. So make sure you check out our new Take A Tour (complete with V4 tutorial overviews), install the latest toolbar, and of course, delve into the new site.  You can also check out our new Help section (note:  new HELP is still under active construction.  If you’d like to help, love to hear from you!), or come join us in our user forum.  Ah, bugs reporting – we’ve tried hard to test through the system as thoroughly as possible.  Please do let us know if we have overlooked something. Also, let us know your first impression, likes / dislikes, feedback and suggestion. Lastly, if you like what you see, make sure to help us spread the word!

That’s it for now. Enjoy! And thank you for your continued support to help us make Diigo better and better!

The entire Diigo team

Scheduled Website Maintenance

Please note that we will be upgrading data servers on July 22 (Wed) around 00:00 PST for about an hour or so. Diigo will not be accessible during this period. 

Thanks for your patience while we make this upgrade to make Diigo better and better, and thanks for your continued support! 

ps: Follow us on Twitter for whispers, early news, reviews, and updates from Diigo!

Diigo ~ Webware 100 winner!

The results are out, and we’re thrilled that Diigo has just been named a winner in CNET’s 2009 Webware 100 Awards in the Browsing category!  

The Webware 100 Awards recognize the best Web 2.0 sites, services, and applications on the Web. Nearly 630,000 votes were cast during the voting this year to pick the best Web 2.0 sites and services.  In the browsing category, we were up against major platforms like Firefox, Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome, Safari, My Yahoo, and 24 others.  We appreciate that so many of our users and fans made their way over to vote for us and made us a winner. We couldn’t have done it without your kind support! 

Thanks so much to everyone for your votes, support, and engagement on Diigo!

Diigo is a CNET Webware 100 finalist!

We’re excited to announce that Diigo has been nominated as a finalist for the Webware 100 2009 Awards put on by CNET in the Browsing categoryFor Diigo listed among major platforms like Firefox, Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome /Readers, My Yahoo, and others is quite awesome!

The CNET Webware 100 is a round-up of outstanding Web 2.0 products and services, nominated by the readers. The Webware editors select 300 finalists out of about 5000 qualified submissions and invite readers to vote on the final picks.  10 out of 30 will be crowned as the best in class for each category.  This comes on the heels of our winning Mashable Open Web Awards last December for which we owe a HUGE thanks to all of our supporters that submitted votes on our behalf. Earlier Diigo was also recognized by CNET in its “Top 10 Research Tools” list, among Wikipedia, Google Search, Google Earth, etc.  We’d love to keep this momentum going and the voting for this is super easy (just one round 🙂

You can vote HEREOne vote allowed per person, per awards category. Voting will end on April 30, 2009, at noon Pacific Time, so be sure to vote right away, and spread the word to other fans of Diigo.

Thank you very much for your support!

Welcome! Furl Users


Update (March 21, 2009)

  • Transfer status: Due to the huge amount of transfer requests, transfer will take a while (a few more days) to complete. For those who have initiated the transfer and if you haven’t received an email from us (or have only seen partial transfer so far), don’t worry. Your request is still a work in progress and will be completed soon.  Please see the latest transfer update in our user forums.
  • Data access: While your furl links transfer may take a while to complete,  you can start adding new bookmarks to your new Diigo account.  Before Furl is completely phased out, you can still access your Furl data there and export  them elsewhere.  The choice is yours.
  • Furl cache (archives): This transfer only takes care of your bookmark links.  We are evaluating the the best possible solution to transfer those cached pages, but it will take some time. So please stay tuned!  Meanwhile, you can access Furl directly and export them there.

We are very pleased that Furl has become part of Diigo.com and would like to warmly welcome you all to the Diigo community!

Given that we have constant website & toolbar new updates, we will be phasing out Furl and migrating Furl users to Diigo.  Meanwhile, we have made transferring your Furl links to Diigo very quick and easy:

1) Go to the transfer page: http://www.diigo.com/import_all/transfer_furl
2) Enter your Furl username / password, agree to our Terms of service, & follow the steps
3) Once the transfer is complete,  you will receive an email from us with your login info

Important Note: 

  • Due to the huge amount of transfer requests that we’re processing at this time,  the transfer may take one to a few days to complete.   Thanks for your patience.
  • While your Furl data transfer may take a while to complete, you should be able to access your Diigo user account right away. Use the diigo username (should be given during your transfer Step #2 process) and same furl password to access your new diigo account.
  • Once bookmarks are imported, it will still take one or a few days for your tags to get indexed,  shown and searched properly.
  • Although you cannot add new bookmark to your furl account now, you can still log into your Furl account, access your old bookmarks, andinitiate “export” to backup your links and cache documents

When you sign in to Diigo the very first time, you will be prompted to install either our Diigo’s toolbar (Firefox / IE), or  Diigolet (all major browsers supported).  Then you’ll be ready to begin Diigoing!

Need Help?

The Diigo team is passionate about making Diigo the best knowledge sharing and management platform for individuals, work groups, and companies. We look forward to having your active participation in the Diigo community.  Lots more exciting projects forthcoming.  Stay tuned, as we continue to innovate and evolve!

The Diigo Team