Diigo ~ “Tip of the day” series

Diigo V3 represents a re-launch of diigo.com. Both the website and toolbar are completely re-designed. Prior to the introduction of V3, Diigo was primarily a web annotation and social bookmarking tool. In addition to significant improvements of Diigo as a research tool, the new Diigo now facilitates a meaningful social information network around knowledge. It socializes the content that users save and annotate – building a community around information, topics, knowledge, and people, and enabling better ways for knowledge sharing and discovery.

Since there are a lot of new changes, we would like to assist you in exploring the new Diigo:

  1. To get started, please watch the Video Tutorials, explore “Getting Started”, and read the “What’s New” and new “About Diigo” pages.
  2. We will start a new series of “Tip of the day” posts. Many Diigo features are thoughtfully designed. Some may be subtle yet very powerful. This whole series of “Do you know…” will hopefully help our users / readers understand some basic functions as well as discover many wonderful things Diigo is capable of.
    Should you also like to contribute and share your “Diigo Tips”, we welcome guest writers. Please drop us a note. Or, just directly do a blog post on your blog, then let us know, so that we can link to yours (and properly credit you, and hopefully bring traffic to your blog, of course 🙂
  3. If you have specific questions, you are welcome to come visit our User Forum. Check out the “Topics Tags” or do a “full text search” (on the right) for what has been discussed previously. If you don’t find what you need, just make a new post. We will be glad to assist you.

Diigo 3.0 is Live!

The entire Diigo team is pleased to announce to our readers, and the rest of the world, the new Diigo Version 3 goes live today! In our passion to make Diigo the best in its class, we’ve added features, made our existing features easier to use, and come up with what we think you’ll find is an even more incredible platform than before. Before we give you a peek at all Diigo now has to offer, though, we want to thank each and every one of our users and fans, especially those who helped so much in our beta testing phase.

Thank you Diigo Community!

Despite all that we’ve done to make Diigo really useful, it wouldn’t be what it is today without every one of you. Your help, encouragement, suggestions, ideas, and even the bug reports 🙂 all helped us make sure we stayed on the right track. We added tons of cool features & new innovations, but we needed you to help us make sure those features were easy to figure out and simple to use. So, in a very real sense, all of you who take an interest in Diigo are a valuable part of the Diigo team, and you have as much reason to be proud of today’s launch of Version 3 as we do.

Diigo puts the Social into Bookmarking

We’ve also made a lot of new friends, which, of course, is part of what Version 3 is all about, connecting with people through knowledge and common interests. From the beginning, Diigo has been about more than just social bookmarking, but with this version we also put a real emphasis on the “Social” in “Social Bookmarking” or “Social Annotation”. Social is a big buzz word these days. But different from the typical social networks, Diigo is going “social”, not just for the pure sake of being “social”. In fact, the uniqueness of Diigo’s new social features is the fact that you don’t necessarily need to have a lot of friends to begin deriving the benefits of Diigo. While our users can actively interact with other users if they choose, Diigo’s advanced algorithms and carefully thought-out UI design unobtrusively harness the power of the Diigo community for each individual user and give you the benefit of social information networking with no extra effort on your part!

Our goal was to enable our users to enjoy a greatly increased potential for meaningful and productive discussions anywhere on the Web, and to fully unleash the power of the “writable Web”. We have built upon Diigo’s foundation as a powerful personal research tool with features designed to improve the ease and productivity of collaboration within the office or even across continents to offer our users all the benefits of social networking without the drawbacks.

Harness Collective Wisdom

With every Diigo user tagging and annotating resources online, the Diigo community has collectively created a repository of filtered, annotated content on nearly every subject imaginable. In many cases, you may be able to find resources on a specific subject more quickly by searching Diigo than by using one of the major search engines. In addition, you will have the opportunity to gain unique insight from the public notes and comments of others interested in the subject. Finally, our system recommends news and resources based on your personal interests. This makes it simple for you to keep up to date in any areas of special interest to you.

Share & Discover

When you find something interesting, funny or amazing on the Internet what do you do? You forward it to friends. Diigo offers several methods for sharing bookmarks and notes, so you can also keep in touch and connect with friends effortlessly. And, whenever you want to, Diigo offers multiple ways to help you find people with common interests as well. You can easily form your own community within the larger Diigo community, one focused on the ideas and issues you care about. Whether you hope to increase your productivity at work, promote a cause that is special to you, or just pursue a hobby or passion, a community of users dedicated to the same goal can help you.

You are what you annotate

Remember, you are what you annotate. The sites you find interesting, the public highlights and notes you leave, all these help show your interests and expertise. That helps you to connect with exactly those people who are most like you. Once you’ve found others who share similar interests, you can share resources, benefit each other, and make everyone’s life easier. In other words, Diigo provides social information networking through knowledge-sharing, letting you benefit in a real and practical way.

So with this new release, going beyond web annotation, social bookmarking, and existing social networks such as MySpace, Linkedin, etc, the new Diigo provides a uniquely knowledge-centric social network facilitating knowledge management, sharing and discovery, as well as building social connections and community through content and knowledge. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and we are excited about the possibilities. Going forward, we will relentlessly continue to innovate to make Diigo the best knowledge sharing and management platform for individuals, work groups, and companies.

How to start Diigo-ing

There is a lot to explore in the new Diigo. So make sure you check out our new intro video, what’s new, install the latest toolbar and check out the cool new sidebar, and of course, delve into the new site. Also if somehow you cannot find your favorite feature right away, don’t worry. It has probably been re-arranged somehow. Just check out our new Help section, or come join us in our user forum. Bugs reporting – we’ve tried hard to test through the system as thoroughly as possible. Please do let us know if we have overlooked something. Also, let us know your first impression, likes / dislikes, feedback and suggestion. Lastly, if you like what you see, make sure to help us spread the word!

That’s it for now. Enjoy! And thank you for your continued support to help us make Diigo better and better!

The entire Diigo team

Diigo at SXSW Interactive

We’re delighted to learn that blogger, and one of our enthusiastic users, Daniel Hope, has been invited to present at SXSW Interactive and will be featuring Diigo in his talk this Sunday. The SXSW Interactive Festival features five days of exciting panel content and amazing parties, and it certainly has become THE event to watch…

Daniel’s session is called Blog on Company Time Without Getting Dooced (note: Dooced = getting fired for your blog) and it will be in Ballroom E at 11:30am, more details here. Daniel and co-presenter, Matt Gierhart, will discuss the various ways they use Diigo’s tools on their personal and client blogs.

A sampling of what will be featured can be found in these articles:

How to Use Diigo: In this article he shows us the many ways he and his team use Diigo to collaborate on stories. In it he demonstrates how a team can use the Daily Blog Post to create stories and link lists simply by browsing and bookmarking the Internet.

How to Blog without using Company Time – or – The 2 Minute Blog Post: In this article he shows us how to use Diigo’s Blog This tool to create a 2 minute blog post.

We’re excited that more and more users are sharing their Diigo experience in various workshops / conferences! if you’re going to be at SXSWi and you would like to see Diigo in action, then drop by Daniel’s discussion.

What is it?: SXSW session Blog on Company Time Without Getting Dooced

Where is it?: The Austin Convention Center (500 E. Cesar Chavez)

What time?: 11:30 am -12:30 pm on Sunday the 9th

Diigo workshop at Classroom2.0

Steve Hargadon, creator of Classroom2.0, has come up with a good idea: offer a series of local workshops for educators exposing them to web2.0 technologies, and also allowing those already using the tools currently to meet up. They are kicking off their first one this Friday and Sat ( Feb. 1 & 2 ) in San Francisco: http://www.classroom20wiki.com/Local+Workshops

With our personal background, we always have a strong interest in eduction. Through last minute discussion and some joggling of my crazy schedule, I will attend and give a workshop this Sat. morning:

9:30 ~ 10:15 am Track 2: Social Bookmarking and Beyond

Steve interviews Maggie Tsai from Diigo.com, who gives a tour of their Advanced Social Bookmarking program and discusses how Social Annotation goes beyond social bookmarking to enable more productive online reading and collaboration. As more of the learning process involves online reading, research and collaboration, better tools are needed — Diigo was designed with this need in mind.

If you are a teacher or student using Diigo in a classroom setting, please contact us. Love to hear how Diigo is making a difference for you and/or your class. Perhaps I can even showcase and share your story / experience with other educators 🙂 Please drop us an email or post in our user forum!

If you’re in the Bay Area, I’d love to meet you in person. It’s free for educators to attend! Hope to hear from you soon, or see you at the workshop. I cannot wait to meet a bunch of educators who are passionate about learning and exploring ways to integrate latest technology innovation to transform education and make a difference for their students!

~ Maggie

Tagrolls available now

Tagrolls are a way for you to display your Diigo tags as part of your website. You can customize your own at Tools>>Tagrolls

Display options are adjustable, fill in your title and font colors preference (in word or color HTML code). Tagrolls is self-adjusting in width according to your site column size. Please give it a try.

WebSlides: Diigo Transforms Bookmarks Once More

Announcing preview of WebSlides – another exciting innovation by Diigo:

WebSlides is an incredibly easy way to convert your bookmarks to slideshows. You can experience WebSlides at slides.diigo.com. You can also see fresh reviews here.

If you like what you see, we would appreciate if you can share Diigo with your friends, and help get Diigo & WebSlides noticed by blogging, bookmarking, digging. It is the appreciation by our users that keep our entire team working day and night, and weekends too 🙂

With WebSlides, Diigo is adding another innovative service to our portfolio of leading-edge tools and services in the area of online knowledge management, sharing and discovery. I promise you will see a lot more innovations from us as we embrace our users’ input and continue to think out of the box and push the envelope.


~ Maggie

Diigo at Office2.0 conference

Diigo is speaking and participating in the upcoming Office 2.0 conference in San Francisco, September 5th to 7th. We will also be a silver sponsor.

Office 2.0 will be done in a sleek high-tech way: All attendees receive a choice of iPhone or a PlayStation 3. All demos are internet-based. All marketing collateral is in electronic format. In many ways, Office 2.0 is what the conference of the future will look like.

“The Office 2.0 Conference is a collective experiment organized every year in San Francisco, CA and aimed at discovering the future of mobile productivity & collaboration. It is a unique gathering of visionaries, thought leaders, and customers using innovative online services for getting things done, at the office, at home, and on the go. “

Here is a discount code for conference pass ($100 off): ATLTUAE42. If you plan to be in the area and like to meet up, please drop me an email.

~ Maggie

Closed alpha volunteers wanted!

We’re working on our next major release. We’d like to invite some loyal Diigo users to participate in our closed alpha testing. We’re looking for users who want to help us make Diigo the best it can be by reporting bugs and making suggestions.

For now, we plan to be selective and only open up few limited spots. To be considered, we’d love to learn more about you. In case we have more volunteers than we can accommodate, please bear with us… we’ll be sure to save your name and email and try to get you in at some point in the future.

For more information, please view here.

Thanks so much and looking forward to hearing from you!

"Webware 100" Award – please nominate / vote for Diigo

Just learned about this user-generated Web 2.0 awards program (see details)

Webware is produced by Rafe Needleman. Rafe is Editor of CNET.com, and covers tons of startups. He gave Diigo our very first public review 🙂 and happened to be our session moderator at Under The Radar “Why Office 2.0 Matters”. Thanks, Rafe! And great idea!

If you like Diigo, please kindly take a little bit of your time and nominate for Diigo. We’d greatly appreciate our community users’ help. Thanks a lot for your support in advance!

~ Maggie