Social Bookmarking For Enterprise Knowledge Management

We’re very grateful to Robert Berkman, editor of The Information Advisor, for noticing our new Groups feature so quickly, and understanding the potential it adds to Diigo‘s already great set of tools. In an online supplement to the magazine, posted on his blog, Intelligent Agent, he reviewed various free online services for potential enterprise use as knowledge management tools.

He didn’t just mention Diigo, he actually graded us highest in the group of services he reviewed. Our design philosophy of seamlessly integrating tools and creative innovations to provide the greatest benefits to our users seems to be more and more recognized and appreciated. Naturally, he considers free services such as Diigo suitable for enterprise use only if they offer a group feature, but the simple fact that we just released our first phase was enough to place us at the top of the list 🙂 We’re always pleased when someone notices our efforts.

We urge all our readers to go on over and read Robert’s full review, Social Bookmarking for Enterprise Knowledge Management. After all, our Groups feature has just been introduced. And yes, Robert does know we’re much, much more than just a social bookmarking service 🙂 he mentions several of our other features in his review as well.

Information Today is a great resource for those interested in information & knowledge management. Check it out!

~ Ray