How to post bookmarks to Diigo on iPhone

We’ve done a very simple mobile app. Here are some tips for iPhone users:

How to access your Diigo bookmarks on iPhone

How to add bookmarks to Diigo on iPhone

1. Set up the “Post to Diigo” button or “Diigolet” button in Safari or IE browser on your computer

Note:   “Post to Diigo” is for easy posting.  “Diigolet”  has the advantage of not jumping to another page, although other functions not working. The choice is yours.

2. Sync bookmarks with your iPhone. Follow the instruction by Apple: If you experience problem in this step, try to remove all your bookmarks on iPhone, then, sync again.

3. When you browse through the web on iPhone:

  • Go to your bookmarks menu
  • Find “Post to Diigo” or “Diigolet” button
  • Click it to add bookmark to your Diigo account

Save bookmarks on your iPhone

Give it a try and let us know what you think.  There are a lot of new innovations on iPhone  / mobile apps. We’re continuing to push the envelop & cool new apps on their way… We’d also love to hear from you – drop us an email info [at] diigo to discuss your feedback / wishlist!

Tip of the Day: Diigo "Expand" & "Preview" buttons – great time savers!

Thanksgiving is approaching, and I have started my hunt for the best Turkey recipes 🙂 After tagging, highlighting all the good stuff that I found on the web,  I entered few keywords to pull out the list of my research.  But that’s still quite a few web resources to compare and decide which one looks the most promising!  So here is what I do:

1) Use “Expand All” or “Expand”  to open up my annotations that I made while researching.  This lets me browse through what I considered “important” easily:

2) Use the “Preview” link under each bookmark to quickly browse through the original page without having to open up another window and interrupting my research flow.  I can scroll the page up and down, quickly deciding whether to look through that page more closely or move on to other bookmarks:

3) Of course,  besides my own bookmarks,  I can also select  “Everyone’s Bookmarks”  and check out what the community has collectively discovered.

And, if I decide to further organize a specific collection of bookmarks on a topic,  I can also build a Diigo List  (like a folder, but much better!) to access and/or share it easily.

More tips on creative ways to use a Diigo List, and social discovery that you can get through the Diigo Sidebar later!

PS.  I probably will go with this one: 8 Treasures Stuffed Turkey with Shiraz-Honey Jus. Sounds yummy! Wish me luck 🙂

~ Maggie

Quick Access Filter (new in toolbar!)

Have you ever wanted to get to all the websites you visit most often or access what you’re currently working on quickly?  Introducing a new toolbar feature along with the latest upgrade:  “Quick Access Filter“.   It offers a very flexible way to filter and access links based on 4 different filter types: 

  • Recent ~ your most recent bookmarks
  • Unread ~ ones that you marked unread during bookmarking for further review
  • Tag(s)  ~ show recent bookmarks with these tag(s)
  • List ~ show bookmarks in one of your lists

By clicking the “Add a filter” button (see circled above),  select a filter type and enter the criteria.  Once that filter is created,  click to get instant access to what you need right away.  You can even use “Open All in Tabs‘  to open up all webpages at once.

You can re-arrange the filter buttons by drag and drop.  To remove a filter, just right-click, and click the pop-out  “Remove this filter” to confirm the deletion action.

Lastly,  just like any of the Diigo toolbar buttons, you can access & customize what you need on the toolbar by opening up “Options” on the toolbar.  See here for more detail.

Please give the new “Quick Access Filter” a try, and let us know what you think.

(Note:   Quick Access Filter is available on the latest Diigo FF toolbar.   IE version will be forthcoming shortly.)

"Tip of the day" ~ How to customize Diigo toolbar

We appreciate how “precious” everyone’s computer desktop space is. Some people are even reluctant to install any browser extension / toolbar because of that concern. So we have made our toolbar quite flexible. Below we use Firefox to illustrate the many ways the Diigo toolbar can be customized. Customization with Internet Explorer is somewhat different, but equally versatile.

The default look of the Diigo Toolbar is as follows:

If you think this is taking too much of your screen space, you can customize it in many ways.

Option 1:

You can have as many or as few Diigo buttons as you need on your desktop. Just pick and choose which button(s) you need by going to Diigo toolbar (Diigo >> Options >> Toolbar & Menu >> Select toolbar Buttons):

Option 2:

Completely hide the Diigo toolbar (go to View >> Toolbars) and only use the context menu and content selection menu.

Option 3:

Merge the Diigo toolbar with another toolbar. For example, Go to View >> Toolbars >> Customize, and then drag the bookmark toolbar items onto the Diigo toolbar, and then hide the bookmark toolbar. See below.

In fact, you can save more screen space by removing the built-in search box and merge the rest of the navigation bar to the top bar, and then hide the navigation bar, resulting in the following set-up that is extremely compact and handy

Option 4:

You can also drag any of the buttons on the Diigo toolbar and move them to other bars, then hide the Diigo toolbar. In the screenshot below, the Diigo button is moved to the top bar, and the Diigo toolbar is hidden

"Tip of the day" ~ Rapid bookmarking: One-Click Save

If you’re in a hurry, the Diigo toolbar offers the “One-Click Save” button. Some of you may wonder “what happened to the “QuickD” button in the old toolbar? Well, here are a few changes we believe will help improve the usability:

The “One-Click Save” button now serves two purposes:

  • Rapid Bookmarking

    It replaces the QuickD button in the previous version. Clicking the “One-Click Save” button while visiting a website will automatically save the bookmark to your “My Bookmarks” section without the usual Bookmark pop-up window. The default tag is currently set as “no-tag“. (Tip: all bookmarks tagged under “no-tag” can be easily pulled up in your “My Bookmarks” section » use the “Untagged” tab for batch editing at a later time.) You can also change the default tag for the “One-Click Save” operation by setting it under the Bookmark button » One-Click Save Options

  • Bookmarking Icon Status

    If you have already bookmarked a webpage, a red bookmark will appear.

    (Tip: any annotation changes will now be reflected on the “Comment” icon as well as on the new sidebar.)

Also, a related topic: there is now a better way to view a “Filtered bookmark list” in the new sidebar vs. the previous version. We will cover that topic in a separate Tip in this series.

"Tip of the day" ~ New toolbar & the new "Diigo" Button / right-click Menu

The completely re-designed Diigo toolbar now offers a more intuitive user interface for beginners and lots more power features for advanced power users as well. We hope we’ve struck a nice balance for all. And of course, don’t forget to check out the new awesome sidebar within the new toolbar (more tips to come soon.)

Before we begin, please make sure you’ve installed the latest toolbar from the Diigo toolbar download page… Although our system should auto-update if you have previously installed an earlier version of the diigo toolbar, you can double check whether you have the latest one by looking up your toolbar version # (in toolbar: Diigo >> Help >> About) against the version number on the main Diigo toolbar download page.

Note: a few users have reported sign-in problem. Most likely it’s due to the fact that somehow your system prevents a proper auto-update. If that’s the case, we’d recommend that you re-install the latest toolbar. You should be in good shape after the re-install. If not, please let us know.

Now, the Diigo button: with the right pull down menu, the new Diigo button allows you to easily access all important areas of Diigo. Here are few changes from the previous version:

  • This replaces the earlier version of the Diigo button that carried out dynamic functions. Each function now has its own button for a more intuitive user experience. We will elaborate more on each of the functions in other tips in this series.
  • Once the Diigo toolbar is installed, much of the functions can also be conveniently accessed through the context menu (also known as the right-click menu). The context (right-click) menu is also more streamlined compared with the previous version:
    • When you’re ready to bookmark a page, right-click, and you will see “Bookmark this page” to Diigo.
    • If you select a block of text then right-click, you will then see “Highlight” and “Highlight and Bookmark
    • Of course, don’t forget about the sometimes overlooked, but very, very useful diigo “Content Selection Menu” – which we will cover in a separate tip in this series.