8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. The Diigo Web Collector Extension on Chrome has been marked as infected by malware. Chrome removes it as soon as I click on it. I deleted the extension and reinstalled, but the same thing happens. I use this frequently. Do you know what the problem is? Is there some other way I can replicate this function?

  2. In a group can i see the name of the contributors to a post it comment? This will allow me to see which student contributed

  3. This link doesn’t work for me: it says error occurred. I’ve tried to look on the Google store and your extension isn’t there. I have Diigo on my browser at home, but I’d like to use it on my desktop at work as well and this is roadblocking that.

  4. just wondering if I could share an outliner to one of My Groups and let them edit the outliner as well. it would be a good opportunity for everyone to collaborate.

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