Diigo V5.0: Collect, Highlight and Remember!

With Version 5.0, Diigo moves one step further towards its vision of providing the best cloud-based information management service that enables users to collect, highlight, access and share a variety of information, on a variety of devices.

Since Diigo started as a social bookmarking service four years ago, a major update was released every year for the past four years, each taking Diigo to a new height in terms of enhancing productivity for collecting and consuming digital information. The following chart illustrates the evolution of Diigo very succinctly:

So, what’s new with Diigo 5.0?

  • Diigo 5.0 also enables “Notes”, which is best suited for quick personal memos (via website & new Android app)
  • A new Android phone application called “Diigo Power Note” is being released as a part of Diigo 5.0, which enables Android phone users to collect, organize, sync and access a variety of information such as bookmarks, notes, and pictures. So you can jot down your ideas and thoughts, and take pictures of things you like to be reminded to buy or research later, or business cards handed to you. With Diigo Power Note, you literally have a photographic memory!
  • Web Highlighter for iPad Safari is being released as part of Diigo 5.0, which enables you to highlight and annotate webpages, using fingers, in iPad Safari, just as you can with ebooks on iBooks or Kindle.
  • As with each previous major release, Diigo 5.0 has substantially revamped the user interface for improved look & feel and usability.

There is a lot to explore in the new Diigo. So make sure you check out our new video overview shown above, install the latest toolbar & Chrome extension, try out our new apps on Android, iPad & iPhone, and of course, delve into the new site. Our new HELP is still under active construction. If you’d like to help, love to hear from you, or come join us in our user forum. Ah, bugs reporting – we’ve tried hard to test through the system as thoroughly as possible. Please do let us know if we have overlooked something. Also, let us know your first impression, likes / dislikes, feedback and suggestion. If you like what you see, make sure to help us spread the word!

And of course, last but not least, the entire Diigo team would like to express our most sincere thanks to each and every one of our users and fans, especially those who helped so much in our testing phase, for your time, help, encouragement, suggestions, ideas, and yes, bug reports to help us shape Diigo where it is today.

Thank you, Diigo Community, for your continued support to help us make Diigo better and better!

That’s it for now. Enjoy!

The entire Diigo team

39 thoughts on “Diigo V5.0: Collect, Highlight and Remember!

  1. When will Chrome extension be updated to let users enjoy all these new features (like snapshot)

  2. You diigo people are such a fantastic company, building an absolutely invaluable product. Diigo has become my second brain (it relieves me of the stress of needing to remember. I like to say it liberates me to “forget”).

    THANK YOU for making Android a priority. The new user interface looks great (at first glance); nice left sidebar. (If i can use diigo with kindle, i’ll be perfectly set…)

  3. Oh wow Android, yay! Looks nice, just a few improvements I found during the first minutes:

    1): When you want to use your Google Account to sign in to diigo you have to choose that you are a new user… Also the other openID providers diigo supports don’t seem to be available…

    2) Fonts used for “Add”/”My Library”/”Read Later” are not very sharp on my Motorola Droid

    3) Don’t know if it was the diigo upgrade or the android app, but I have lists named “Business”, “Study”, etc. that I did not create…

    Thanks for your work, diigo is awesome! Chris

  4. I was curious about Diigo 5.0. The new capture mode is great! But I miss the possibility to collect flash. It worked for some time, later it didn’t.
    I like the new sidebar at the left (in my library), but I miss the possibiltiy to expand and collapse annotations for each bookmark / item (especially the icon at the right).
    But it’s my first impression, maybe I overlooked some features.
    As I sent an email to you this morning (from Munich / Germany): I must apologize for several mistakes, that I made there. I wrote it rather spontaneously. And yes: My spoken English could be a little better.

  5. v5 is OK, but I couldn’t find ways to “highlight an image” for my collection and another problem is that I couldn’t save a snapshot like v4.

    I’m going back to v4…

  6. Oh… my bad. I should have seen the tutorial above first. Let me try v5 again… Sorry.

  7. I’ve been using Diigo for a long time. I moved over from 2 other online bookmarking sites. And there were many more that I tried out while using Diigo. I’m glad I stuck with you guys 🙂

  8. The “save to delicious” tool now embeds html tags for spaces, apostrophes, etc. in the transfered titles and the tags. Please fix ASAP!

  9. “Save image” seems to be different from the old “Highlight this image”, it only saves small pics. I prefer the old version “Highlight this image”.

  10. Love diigo to bits. Only wish that some of the functionality was consistent ;-(

    RSS – for example I can generate keybased RSS feeds in my library. It would be fab to do the same within groups. In this way you could then generate widgets else – where, or embed into other “dash boards” .

    It’s not a CRITICISM – it’s a LOVE observation ;-D

  11. Really nice work with this new version !… But still nothing about UI localization. That’s really the only thing I miss with Diigo…

  12. I too have used a LOT of other online bookmark sites. For the past few months my BIG quest has been finding one that works good on my iPad. Almost all of them require a web browser plugin to work correctly. I found a couple that will work without one but you end up with, messed up, partial functionality.

    The new Web Highlighter for iPad is GREAT. I had already decided to go with diigo for my iPad. Although I couldn’t highlight or add notes, diigo was still the best online bookmarking site. It allowed me to edit and reorganize my bookmarks, something most other sites would not allow me to do on my iPad. The layout of the diigo site was also easer to use on my iPad then other sites.

    But now it is even BETTER. I CAN highlight and add notes on my iPad and the new layout of the diigo site is even more iPad friendly.

    Thanks for the GREAT improvements.

  13. When my diigo bookmarked sites are imported into delicious, the URLs are messed up (lots of percent signs) and they don’t work as links in delicious. Does this upgrade have anything to do with that?

  14. Cada vez me gusta más vuestra herramienta, pero esperaba encontrarme con esta nueva beta la posibilidad de poder cambiar el nombre de los tags así como poder borrar los que ya no nos interesara. Creo que es imprescindible.

    Una vez más, muchas gracias por lo bien que lo estaís haciendo. Sois imprescindibles and amazing!! 🙂

  15. These changes are very exciting. Since I left Delicious, I’ve been amazed at what a better tool this is. I get why those folks are disappointed with the Yahoo! buy-out: they simply aren’t doing cool stuff like this.

    However, I’d like to make you aware of one problem: The Android program’s login field only allows native Diigo account access.

    What I mean is this: I created my account by logging in via the Twitter authorization. Now, I am unable to use this app (or the other Diigo app I got previously), because I can’t supply the program(s) with the login/password combination that it needs.

  16. In v5, if I “save this image…”, then I got a small image for my bookmark… How can I remove it?

    I do prefer “highlight this image” in v4… bigger pics but easier to remove it.

  17. When adding a new bookmark, V5 requires you to manually enter the page title. Diigo used to automatically fill this out and recommend tags for the bookmark.

    It’s a small thing, but it now takes more effort to add a bookmark because I have to go back to the page I’m bookmarking and copy-paste the title into Diigo which is kind of annoying.

  18. Any chance of getting a blacklist feature for Diigo? I love the tool, but I have to use something other than Firefox for our internal Scrum tool because it keeps interfering with the JS needed for that program. The vendor won’t fix it as it’s outside of their scope and there’s no way that I have found to block Diigo on that page.

  19. I have no idea how/where to add a bookmark since this site was changed. Can someone please tell me where it is?

    I’ve clicked “Add” but nothing seems to happen. I’m really flummoxed here because I can’t add.

  20. Is it possible for a request?

    There are users, like me, who use Opera over other web browsers. Is it possible you will be able to develop a Diigo widget for Opera?

  21. I exported my bookmarks earlier today, as I do periodically for safekeeping. This time I didn’t get an email to say it was finished, and – worse – when I checked the resulting file, some bookmarks were missing. I tried it twice, with the same results. Are you aware of a problem with the export facility in V5?

  22. I hope the project will be continued. You are doing great job. Please, don’t add unuseful things (mini-games, kinda bullshit) or let us manage such things in configuration panel. Thanks!

  23. Love new features in Diigo 5! Also looking forward to an updated version of Chrome extension, so I don’t need to move to Firework when I need to work heavily with Diigo. Thanks!

  24. how amazing! The previous version was great, but this is just super! thanks! I am so glad I chose Diigo over some other contenders


  25. Diigo is great and becomes better and better…!

    But there is still something that I miss: an easy way to add my own links to the sites i’m visiting. This would be the real PERSONALIZATION of the surfing experience. And I know that, today, I can be doing it by writing URL addresses in a stickynote… but it’s not the same thing! Also if it was possible to distinguish common stickynotes from personalized links Diigo could be able to create a MAP of the personalized link in the library. Sometimes I keep surfing for hours and in the end I wonder how I reached the site where I find myself at last: it would be nice to have a map of it, also to share it with friends, showing them not only a site I read, but the entire path I did from that site to another and then another and then another… keeping track of my surfing and being able to share it!

  26. The reason I started using Diigo is it let me port my content to delicious so I don’t get locked in. A simple API to import and export content is important.

    The #1 thing to me is fair terms of use. With the world developing software, the gold standard is an AGPL application with CC-by-sa content, or selectable terms of use by the contributor.

  27. What happened to the cloud view? I sincerely hope you haven’t done away with it. That would be a real step back. Bring it back, please!!!!!

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