Diigo Welcomes its 7th Million User with a Major Redesign


Diigo Welcomes its 7th Million User with a Major Redesign
~ heightening its focus on being a “multi-tool” for knowledge management

Diigo was started as a simple social bookmarking service in 2005, and is now widely regarded as the most widely used and most robust web annotation tool in the world. By steadily enhancing its offerings beyond bookmarking/annotation to include web archiving, image/screenshot markup, group collaboration, improved information organization and presentation, and mobile apps, Diigo has effectively become an integrated “multi-tool” for personal knowledge management (PKM).

Diigo, as a multi-tool for PKM, now touches on the entire workflow for knowledge-oriented information consumption, from browsing, reading, researching, annotating, storing, organizing, remembering, collaborating, sharing, to connecting dots into knowledge – a workflow that we believe is still largely ad-hoc and inefficient.  Diigo is here to streamline this workflow and dramatically improve your productivity.

The current redesign includes the following:

  • a complete site redesign which includes numerous usability and aesthetic improvements

  • a redesign of the company logo and brand image to emphasize our focus on personal knowledge management.

  • a complete redesign of Diigo Web Collector, our flagship browser extension on Chrome browser.

  • a major update to Diigo Browser on iOS, which provides the best web reading and annotating experience on iPad and iPhone (coming soon)

As Diigo has steadily became more versatile and powerful, it has also steadily grown its user base, amassing 7 million registered users,  with more than 350 million items saved and 100 million pieces of annotations.  Our users include law firms, marketing agencies, consultants, recruiters, web designers, researchers, students, teachers … — basically anyone who do a lot of knowledge-oriented information consumption, either individually or as a team, either professionally, or for personal purposes such as reading and researching related to travel, health, shopping, career, hobbies, news, online learning, smart investing, school papers, work projects, etc, etc.

Going forward, the Diigo team aims to evolve Diigo into the best personal knowledge management system (PKM) on the market, providing unsurpassed capabilities for the collection, compilation, organization, digestion, presentation and collaboration of knowledge and information.

30 thoughts on “Diigo Welcomes its 7th Million User with a Major Redesign

  1. What serendiptiy! I just finished presenting a workshop today on curation tools for the web and Diigo was one of my three main tools. The participants had never heard of it before and left the session full of ideas for how to use it in class. It was already a great tool and now with the upgrades it will be even better.

    I do hope that Diigo will be able to accomodate Canadian teachers with the educator account. As an ed tech coordinator who often presents Diigo as an important classroom tool, it would be very helpful if I could reassure teachers of this feature.

    Still loving Diigo!

  2. Wow, the new design aesthetic is really clean – love it! You mention an updated iOS app, but nothing about the Android app. Any future love in mind for us Android users?

    Keep up the great work! I don’t know how I’d survive without Diigo.

  3. I am so glad to finally see some development here! what about automatic keyword extraction? or a tool to find similar / recommended links/pages? 🙂 THANK YOU!

  4. I think there is nothing better than feel proud of the service you are using. And after this update, I can say I am definitely proud of Diigo. I spent much time later deciding whether to use Diigo or Pinboard. Well, now I have no doubts about it. 🙂 Go Diigo!

  5. Why is the Android platform so neglected? The Android app is more like a note taker and has a completely different feel. It’s functionality is way behind the Chrome app.

  6. @Don Thanks for your comment. We will put more efforts on android once Diigo browser for iOS is in good shape.

  7. I have loved using Diigo! I am really impressed with the changes and haven’t used it much on my iPhone or pad but with the new look it might work better for me. Thanks for the great online tool – about to launch one of my lists! Keep up the great work.

  8. I’ve been an enthusiastic user and advocate, particularly with my students, since 2008. It’s great to see continued energy and development. Keep it up!

  9. I can’t find the previous tool Generate a report.
    Does it still exist in the free version?

    I recently discover all the possibilities of Diigo and it’s very helpful for my work.

    Thanks and sorry for my bad English

  10. Am I missing an obvious way to search all Community bookmarks? This used to be an option in the search dropdown menu. Now I can only easily search my own bookmarks. Help?

  11. Second all that’s been said; especially about PowerNote – please give us Android users some of the great work you’ve done on iOS and Chrome!

  12. Nice update! Have been using your tool since I left Furl a few years back. Wondered about generate a report as well always hope it could be used to create a works cited document.

  13. It would be great to add an option to multiple select bookmarks and making batch changes like add a tag to all, and add them to a list.

    Thanks for the continuous improvement. Waiting eagerly for the diigo browser for ios.

  14. Great work!

    Hopefully, when the mobile apps (iOS, Android) are improved, it will also include sharing of bookmarks with Diigo groups (which currently is missing).

    It is one of the very strong, attractive feature of Diigo on the desktop but is strangely missing from mobile – which is a great pity, given that most people are doing more and more of their browsing on their tablets and phones rather than their PCs. Would be great if they could share their bookmarks at the point of reading an interesting article.

    Thank you.

  15. i find the light grey colour used to the urls on the My Library page to be really light and hard to read sometimes, but other than that, I like the new look.

    Still wish I could edit urls when I edit a bookmark though

  16. About the android app, here are the things that need addressing (in my humble opinion :-D):

    1) Why is it called Power Note, and not Diigo?
    2) Bookmarks defaults to Private, not Public. Why? That is unlike the other clients.
    3) No completion of tags. That is important – especially on the phone.
    4) Doesn’t work offline. E.g. I’m reading my RSS feeds and want to bookmark something, but don’t have wireless.
    And perhaps:
    5) The bookmarklet (a possible alternative) doesn’t work well at all on mobile.

    I love Diigo and use it 80% of the time on my phone, which is why its shortcomings are such a shame.

  17. Good that you redesigned all this stuff. But the main feature that would change everything is still not updated: integration into Google Search results still sucks.

    You need to put the results on the right not on the top. YOu don’t know how many times I try to click on the first Google search result, only to have Diigo appear a fraction of a second before and my click goes to the wrong place.

    And also, you need to do like Evernote and actually display matching snippets on the right hand side, not a silly number like “492 items in your Diigo Library”, which is utterly useless.

  18. Great redesign, and I’ve been happy to recommend Diigo to colleagues and students. But the extremely deficient Android app has also had me hunting for an alternative. I’m probably not the only one.

  19. Power Note on Android is terrible. When are you going to update it? Not having a good way to tag on Android makes it much harder to keep my reading organized because I have to save the links to tagged later. The three biggest shortcomings of the Android app are:
    1) its focus on notes rather than tagging links
    2) Its inability to cache articles at the time of tagging
    3) its lack of autocomplete for tags (i.e. If I start typing “Intern,” it should show me all tags I’ve used that begin with those letters…just as the web app does.

  20. 1) Better organizing: This is a huge feature and we will forcus on this one once we finish other small and easy to do stuff.
    2) You can search community stuff in community page

  21. I LOVE diigo and have been using it for at least 4 years. And I show it to every group of teachers I train :). Keep up the good work, guys!

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