Simplified “Focused Research”

Focused Research is a  feature that allows you to re-use your saving preferences with minimal effort.  Once you are in the research mode, the same set of tags, outliner and group are automatically applied to every item you save or annotate. This can be a big time saver when you are doing research on a particular topic.

This feature was hidden in extension options when we redesigned the Diigo extension previously. We simplified it and renamed it to “Remember saving preferences”.  Now it can be easily accessed in a bookmark window.

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 3.00.28 PM.png

You can simply switch between focused research mode and usual bookmarking mode by turning on or off the “Remember saving preferences” option anytime you like.

Let us know whether you like it!



19 thoughts on “Simplified “Focused Research”

  1. I like it! Easy, just saves the last set o’ tags n such, and in that mode if you manually change the tags it then remembers that “new” set. Intuitive, easy, what makes Diigo great!

  2. if it allows users to set a tagline of multiple tags once, and use it repeatedly, i say hell YES, we like it…

  3. WeLL, can you please just give me a way to keep top Xnumber of (editable) FAVORiTE COMMON TAGS IN CLICKABLE/Working view at save?

    I mean really, DiiGo is great, but this seems like a most obvious feature to include & is by far the most time wasting aspect of DiiGo once you are using it full bore. The reason is the QuickFavorite’s list will eliminate the need to type EVERY SiNGLE TiME you save something.

    Better still, allow custom grouping of tags on the atsave, so I click “Marketing” to get related tags, or “Examples” to get all my tags for best examples & worst examples for ____, ____, & _____.

    Thank you & please expedite these changes if you’re in agreement. I very look forward to your response.

    your most loyal paying & active DiiGo customer,


  4. Hey this is really helpful tool besides can someone guide me if i want to search any specific word in the outliner how can i do that ?

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