"Recommended Toolbar Settings" for Beginners and Advanced Users

The Diigo toolbar offers lots of advanced and powerful features. Many are fully customizable in the Toolbar options area.

We’ve been working to find a better way to let new users to learn the basic Diigo offerings, so they can easily get started without being overwhelmed by all the bells and whistles. As they get more familiar with the site and basic features, we can then help users explore the many advanced Diigo features they may not be even aware of.

With that in mind, we thought of a three pronged approach:

  1. Start with the Diigolet (no installation needed).With Diigo’s capability of marking directly on any webpage, our “Welcome – Getting Started” is uniquely interactive, ie. any new user can read the instructions and immediately follow along and try out highlighting & adding sticky notes right on the same page as the instructions.
  2. Recommended Toolbar Settings:To make it easier for beginners and advanced users to explore Diigo’s toolbar capabilities at different stages, we have decided to offer two kinds of recommended settings: “Beginners” & “Advanced Users”.

    Go to Diigo toolbar >> Options>>Toolbar and Menus tab, and select the preferred mode. Make sure you click “OK” to save. Of course, you can always customize any setting by checking off the options you prefer.

    Beginner Settings

    • Icons displayed: Highlight, Sticky Note (floating note), Filtered Bookmark Lists, Options, My Home
    • Each icon’s text label is shown
    • The Content Selection Menu (CSM) is disabled
    • You are not prompted to add tags when first highlighting
    • Diigo is not displayed on the top in the right-click menu
  3. Advanced Toolbar Settings:
    • Icons displayed: Sticky Note (floating note), Filtered Bookmark list, Clip, My Home, QuickD, Search, Blog this, About
    • Each icon’s text label is not shown
    • CSM is enabled
    • You are prompted to add tags
    • Diigo is displayed on the top in the right-click menu

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our users’ experience. We’d very much appreciate your feedback and input to help us make Diigo better and better.


~ Maggie

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