Tip of the Day: Diigo "Expand" & "Preview" buttons – great time savers!

Thanksgiving is approaching, and I have started my hunt for the best Turkey recipes 🙂 After tagging, highlighting all the good stuff that I found on the web,  I entered few keywords to pull out the list of my research.  But that’s still quite a few web resources to compare and decide which one looks the most promising!  So here is what I do:

1) Use “Expand All” or “Expand”  to open up my annotations that I made while researching.  This lets me browse through what I considered “important” easily:

2) Use the “Preview” link under each bookmark to quickly browse through the original page without having to open up another window and interrupting my research flow.  I can scroll the page up and down, quickly deciding whether to look through that page more closely or move on to other bookmarks:

3) Of course,  besides my own bookmarks,  I can also select  “Everyone’s Bookmarks”  and check out what the community has collectively discovered.

And, if I decide to further organize a specific collection of bookmarks on a topic,  I can also build a Diigo List  (like a folder, but much better!) to access and/or share it easily.

More tips on creative ways to use a Diigo List, and social discovery that you can get through the Diigo Sidebar later!

PS.  I probably will go with this one: 8 Treasures Stuffed Turkey with Shiraz-Honey Jus. Sounds yummy! Wish me luck 🙂

~ Maggie

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