A week after premium accounts roll-out

Dear Diigo Users,

Since the premium accounts were rolled out a few days ago, many users have shown their support with account upgrades. I want to let you know that your support means a great deal to our young team — they have invested several years of their life on Diigo by now and are happy to see that their hard work is indeed appreciated. Needlessly to say, your support is extremely important to the continued development of Diigo. So, thank you! With your support and our team’s dedicated development, I am certain that Diigo will surprise you with more cool features and greater benefits, as we have done in the past. As you have probably sensed, we have great ambition for Diigo!

We have also heard a lot of inputs and even complaints about premium features, pricing etc. Your inputs are important and we are actively listening, as always! In a few days, we will introduce some changes that will incorporate a lot of your inputs. Some great new features will also be introduced. So, stay tuned!


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