New Tutorial Advanced Showing

Diigo would like to introduce you to the next stage of our UI upgrade.
Here is the first look into our first 2 new and improved tutorials! What do you think of the new slides, are they clear and informative?



4 thoughts on “New Tutorial Advanced Showing

  1. This stuff looks good and interesting. Spelling/Grammer on 1st slide: Found a link you (?) like.

  2. Thanks for your input and the grammar notice. I spotted it before we put it on our test site, thanks though!

  3. I think the red circles look too MS Paint-ish and it’s hard to spot at first. Maybe thicken up the line a bit? Also, it’s not clear if this is a tutorial for a browser plugin or the javascript bookmark buttons (since they all work differently – as a Firefox/Chrome/Android user, I’d love it if they all worked the same!)

  4. This tutorial is for our extension. It should only show up for new users that install our plugin. We would also love to have the same functionality with our Diigolet, but since it is a passive script, it just cannot reach the same level of functionality as the extension.

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