Outliner sidebar in Diigo Chrome extension — Organize knowledge while you collect them

The normal research process works like this “Collect first, Organize later“.  However, it becomes “Collect first, Organize never” very often.  Then, our library is cluttered with unorganized content.  This further causes   “Read a lot,  Retain a little” issue.  When the knowledge is not organized and connected together, it’s easy to forget them.

With the new outliner sidebar in Diigo chrome extension ,  you can organize your knowledge in a structured way while you collect them.  It  makes your research process much more efficient.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 9.15.30 PM

Check the video to see how it works.


18 thoughts on “Outliner sidebar in Diigo Chrome extension — Organize knowledge while you collect them

  1. This is an absolutely brilliant feature and very neatly implemented. It really sets a standard on how to organise knowledge indeed. I have been using the last couple of hours and it makes me feel confident that the whereabouts of those `read me later` articles are always a sidebar away!

    May I suggest some some improvements on the workflow, to make it even better?

    – The `outliner sidebar` concept is not tied to a specific `url` in the same way as a bookmark is. If this assumption is correct, then is there a way once you open it in a tab, all the next tabs to have it open automatically?

    – …or at least can you provide an option to open it up using a keyboard shortcut. There is currently no such option in the settings

    Is there any designated URI I could use in order to register those suggestions/requests?

  2. Having spent more time together, I now realise that associating the context of each tab to a specific sidebar instance is quite a fundamental feature and helps significantly if someone has more than one research sessions going on.

  3. This is a wonderful feature I have waited for a long time. Just like the article said, collect many, organize little. A good system can help the users to manage more and learn more.

  4. please stop abusing the browser bar icon for notifying of blogposts that don’t interest me. On each browser instance / computer.

  5. I am at awe guys: Just clicked on the bar icon and I notice below the `Open outliner sidebar` a hint to open it by using a keyboard shortcut: `Ctrl+Alt+o`.

    Amazing, I salute you

  6. Hello,
    Thanks for sharing this blog. This addon on chrome is amazing it provides Information in a structured way while we are searching. so keep up the good work.

  7. How can I turn this infuriating thing off that every time I highlight text it’s obscured by the Diigo cursor menu?

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