Wear your "Diigo Education Pioneer" Badge with pride :-)

With the release of the Diigo Educator Accounts, we have received lots of encouraging words, valuable feedback, and kind support from educators all over the world. Among the web 2.0 technologies, we believe that Diigo provides a unique collaborative research and learning platform that will be valuable in all aspects of information processing,  from discovering, digesting, organizing, sharing, collaborating to interacting, which are all essential skills for 21st Century workforce. This is only the first phase of our efforts to bring to education the powerful benefits of Diigo, and the work has just begun.

With all the interaction and kind help that we’ve received from the education community, we’d like to recognize those educators who are taking pioneering steps in getting their students and/or their peers started on collaborative research using Diigo’s powerful features. To express our appreciation, we’ve designed a “Diigo Education Pioneer” badge especially for you! Along with that, a big “Thank you”!

So, who gets to have this “Diigo Education Pioneer” badge?  Well, once your account has been approved for the education upgrade and you have started using and sharing Diigo with your students and/or colleagues in an educational setting,  you can get your own in your “Teacher Console” area >> Get Your Own Badge!
We have a whole array of nice looking badges to suit your own personal style 🙂

On your badge page, simply mouse-over and click to select the desired color badge, copy the HTML code, and then paste it to your website or blog template. That’s it!  Best of all, that’s a personalized badge – any visitor clicking your Diigo Education Pioneer badge will be able to visit your Diigo public profile. Cool, huh!

With the release of the first phase of Diigo Educator Accounts, we will continue to work with our education community to define the next phase of Diigo for Education, and explore the full potential of Diigo as an educational tool.

Get your account upgraded now and become a “Diigo Education Pioneer” today!

PS. A special thanks to Vicki Davis for the badge idea. We do value everyone’s input 🙂

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