"Tip of the day" ~ Diigo's (Annotated) Twitter-This

Twitter is nothing short of a phenomenon.  There are lots of reasons why Twitter has become popular, one of which is due to the many different ways to post and view Tweets.

Good news for Twitter fans:  check out  Diigo’s  “(Annotated) Twitter-This”  ~ we’ve combined the convenience of bookmarking / annotating with Twitter, and made it super easy for you to post interesting (annotated) link with a shorten URL to Twitter.   Most importantly, these are not just ordinary simple shorten urls… Diigo’s “(Annotated) Twitte-this”  also allows you to easily add highlights and sticky notes to any webpage, and then share the annotated page with your twitter followers.  Result?   They will just see an ordinary link in the twitter message; however, when clicking on the link, they can also see your highlights and sticky notes right on the webpage!  Cool, huh?!

There are two easy ways to do this:

1) Click the “Bookmark” button on the diigo toolbar to open up the bookmarking window. Simply check off  “Twitter this” and bookmark as usual.

When you click “Save”, a Twitter-this input window will pop up with a shorten URL and link title.  You can further edit the 140 characters.  Click “Send”  will automatically send this tweet for your Twitter account.  It will also automatically save it as a bookmark in your diigo account.   That’s it!

2) Similarly,  click “Send” >>  “To Twitter”  on the toolbar.    Use this when you’ve already bookmarked or don’t plan to bookmark the link into diigo.

Whatever method you prefer,  Diigo’s “(Annotated) Twitterthis”  seamlessly integrates your workflow and makes it easy to share your online discovery to Twitter without having to open up another app.   Check it out and let us know what you think!

12 thoughts on “"Tip of the day" ~ Diigo's (Annotated) Twitter-This

  1. Pretty fine, but, as i’m also using plurk, facebook, gtalk status and others, it would be pretty cool to “ping this” via http://ping.fm which will do the job for all this services, instead of “twitter this”.

    What do you think about it?

    (At this time, I have to use pingvine with my rss feed to post my links via ping.fm. It’s a bit tricky)

  2. I agree with the ping.fm idea. It then lets us send the link anywhere we want rather than just to twitter.

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